Know your Campus Ambassador: Gaurav Chawla, Faculty of Law, Lucknow University

Gaurav is a second-year student at the Faculty of Law, Lucknow University.
Gaurav Chawla
Gaurav Chawla

Over the last three years, we have built a network of Campus Ambassadors across more than fifty law schools all over India. These law students provide us with information on campus events and activities, as well as share legal articles.

This series of interviews is meant to turn the spotlight on these hardworking and dedicated individuals.

In this edition, we speak with Gaurav Chawla, a second-year law student at the Faculty of Law, Lucknow University.

(Edited excerpts)

Why did you choose to study law?

I do not remember the exact point or moment which brought me to pursue law, but what I know is that since childhood I have been someone who has fought for his rights whenever the situation demanded. There have been numerous such incidents in my life.

I am reminded of one such occurrence which took place when I was in school. There was a competition organized specially for our class, by a renowned company known for specialization in treatment and surgery for eyes.

To win this competition students were required to motivate maximum number of people to go for an eye check-up in their established centers, where they would be checked for free, and the points for sending them would be given to student who sent them.

The student who sent most people for checkup were told they would be awarded a tablet as prize. I participated with zeal and was able to send maximum number of people for the said purpose . When I contacted the organization for declaration of results, they refused to declare the result as well as to award the promised tablet.

My tuition teacher, an advocate, stood by me and motivated me to write an application to our Principal complaining about this incident . Our Principal was very supportive and immediately informed the office to contact the organization and secure the said award. To my surprise, one day while I was writing a class test, I was called to the principal's office where I was given the tablet.

This small victory in my childhood has been a great contribution from my tuition teacher and Principal. It instilled in me the idea that if one fights for their rights, they get them.

In furtherance of this hope, added on by my speaking skills, I wish to make justice easily accessible to more and more people, so that their confidence in judicial system remains as high as it should be. Although many other incidents and catalysts for my decision to study law remain unsaid.

What made you apply for the Campus Ambassador post at Bar & Bench?

Bar & Bench is one of its kind platform. It will expose me to the field of legal journalism and will provide me with the practical requisite knowledge that would help me in writing articles and reports for various journals in the future.

The contents that Bar & Bench uploads for the people of legal fraternity and the knowledge that we gain from it cannot be defined in words. My little contribution to this hard working team will give me great satisfaction for I am truly indebted to this platform for all that I have gained from it. This was my major motivation to apply here.

What are your plans after completing law?

I believe that the field of law has a lot to explore. Being in the second year of my five year law course, I wish to dive deep into this vast ocean to bring out the most suitable pearl which fits my personality the best. However litigation, judiciary and academics are the broad choices which I see for myself currently .

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