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CLAT 2015: Read the Chattisgarh High Court order on PG admissions

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As reported earlier on Bar & Bench, the Chattisgarh High Court has disposed a petition challenging the questions asked in CLAT 2015 for the post-graduate course. However, now that the judgment is out (below), it is questionable whether the judgment will have any material effect on the post-graduate admissions.

As per the judgment, Jain had sought the cancellation of the exam, and that the PSU recruitments made on the results be put on hold. In response, RMLNLU had claimed that the admission process was nearly complete and that classes had already started. Given these facts, RMLNLU agreed to refer the nine disputed questions to an expert committee and pass “necessary orders”.

And it appears that Jain has accepted this proposal, with the High Court asking RMLNLU to

 “[T]ake decision on the questions referred to in the petition by the petitioner and then would take further steps in accordance with law as expeditiously as possible.”

What remains unclear is the exact nature “necessary orders” can be passed at this point of time. As has already been admitted by RMLNLU, the academic session has already begun. Worse, if the nine questions and answer key are found to be completely incorrect, then will RMLNLU and the CLAT Core Committee re-initiate the entire process?

Furthermore, the “expert committee” formed for the under-graduate examination has already faced some flack from the Bombay High Court. In fact, the Bombay High Court’s judgment is quite critical of the expert committee’s findings.

Either way, the CLAT Core Committee has till July 14 to re-assess the UG answers. Hopefully, the PG answers shall also be clarified by then. Vice-chancellor Dr. Gurdip Singh was not reachable at the time of publication of this story.

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