[Webinars] Daksha Fellowship organises Data Week from May 11- 15
Webinars on themes relating to data protection in India are being organised as part of the Data Week organised by Daksha between May 11-15.
[Webinars] Daksha Fellowship organises Data Week from May 11- 15
Daksha Fellowship

The data discourse has not been more relevant at a time before this pandemic. Data has been used to mine information, draw up models to strengthen the contact-tracing infrastructure and forecast for the future.

Be it easing the burden of lock-down slowly or developing tools to reopen the economy, the data ecosystem has played a significant role in helping the Government develop policy interventions for Covid-19.

There are also other developments like the Facebook-Jio deal touching down the Indian markets over mounting concerns on data sharing and implementation.

Propaganda says that data in the hands of Governments and Corporations will solve real on-ground problems, but questions on privacy, security, surveillance and platform monopolization remain.

We do not yet have a data protection law or a regulatory authority to ensure compliance. Without this law, there are varying degrees of implications to markets, citizen rights, privacy and safety. We need to urgently start thinking about safeguards and fortifying frameworks to ensure that good data is used for good, lawful purposes.

Data is also shaping the legal space. As the value of data held by law firms becomes better understood, and the technology to analyse it matures, there will be a requirement for lawyers who understand data science.

The rise of machines have also transformed the legal technology arena, be it through legal assistants, or online dispute resolution. These surely indicate that the legal profession is changing, and lawyers need to upgrade their skills to align with the times.

These trends and issues surely warrant debates, opinions and discussions. The Data Week organised by Daksha is a measure to participate in this broader data discourse and we will kick-start our efforts.

Data Week Event Details

Day 1: 11th May, 2020 at 6pm-7pm IST

  • Rahul Matthan, Justice Sri Krishna and Ananth Padmanabhan

  • Daksha Dialogues Session on "Data Governance and Democratic Ethos"

  • Webinar Registration Link: https://bit.ly/dakdata1

Day 2: 12th May, 2020 at 6pm-7pm IST

  • Speakers: Sahil Deo, Mathew Chacko, Kriti Trehan, Aadya Misra and Archana Sivasubramanian

  • Daksha Dialogues Session on "Data and the Legal Profession"

  • Webinar Registration Link: https://bit.ly/dakdata2

Day 3: 13th May, 2020 at 6pm-7pm IST

  • Speakers: Usha Ramanathan, Prerna Mukharya and Mahesh Menon

  • Daksha Dialogues Session on "Social Implications of Big Data"

  • Webinar Registration Link: https://bit.ly/dakdata3

Day 4: 14th May, 2020 at 6pm-7pm IST

  • Speaker: Malavika Raghavan

  • Daksha Masterclass-1 on "Concepts and Principles of Data Protection"

  • Webinar Registration Link: https://bit.ly/dakdata4

Day 5: 15th May, 2020 at 6pm-7pm IST

  • Speaker: Neha Chaudhri

  • Daksha Masterclass-2 on "Data Protection in Practice: Compliance and Penalties"

  • Webinar Registration Link: https://bit.ly/dakdata5

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