Webinar Alert:  NUALS' webinar on Criminal Contempt (Register by 14 Sept)
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Webinar Alert: NUALS' webinar on Criminal Contempt (Register by 14 Sept)

Speakers include former Supreme Court judge, Kurian Joseph J.

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Contempt of Court is one of the most seriously debated issues these days. Fearless and impartial courts of justice are the basis of a healthy democracy and any attack damaging or shaking the confidence of public at large in this institution must be dealt with firmly.

It is important to realize that Constitution guarantees criticism, which is an essential part of the constitutional vision of a true democracy. At the same time, there is a need to balance the exercise of these constitutional guarantees and contempt power of courts.

NUALS is initiating a discussion on the aspects of criticism against Judiciary in the light of law of criminal contempt.


1. Justice Kurian Joseph (Retd.)

2. Prof. (Dr.) Subir K Bhatnagar

3. Prof. (Dr.) K.C. Sunny

4. Adv. Aishwarya Bhati

5. Adv. Dr. Kylasanatha Pillay

Contact Details:

Ms. K.M. Aiswarya

Email - aiswaryakm@nuals.ac.in

Ph. No - +91 9497496910

Please note that there is a registration fee of Rs. 100, NUALS students are exempted from the same.

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