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Arun Jaitley asks Delhi High Court to ensure order During Cross Examination by Jethmalani

Arun Jaitley asks Delhi High Court to ensure order During Cross Examination by Jethmalani

Ashutosh Gambhir

The Delhi High Court today heard an application moved by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley seeking directions to expedite the recording of the evidence in an orderly and fair manner.

The application was moved in the ongoing civil defamation case for 10 crores filed by Jaitley against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal after the latter made allegations of corruption against the Finance Minister.

Heard by Joint Registrar Pankaj Gupta, the application states that numerous irrelevant and scandalous questions have been asked during the cross examination of the Finance Minister and that abusive and defamatory statements have been made under the instructions of Kejriwal.

The application further contends that the intention of the defendants is to delay the conclusion of recording of evidence by posing questions which are designed to be insulting and annoying. It states,

“Out of the 52 questions asked on 06.03.17, 10 were disallowed and of the 7 questions asked on 17.05.2017, 5 were disallowed.

He (defendant) has made a mockery of the evidence proceedings before the Hon’ble Court.”

In the last session of the cross examination, Senior Advocate Ram Jethmalani had called Jaitley a “crook”, after which Jaitley categorically stated that he would aggravate the charges against Kejriwal if the abusive statements were made under his instructions.

It is also stated in the application that a person who submits himself to the majesty of the Court deserves to be protected from such vicious, offensive and malicious attacks.

The Court has hence been asked to pass orders to expedite the recording of evidence in a “time-bound, orderly, fair, dignified and bona fide manner”.

Advocate Anupam Srivastava accepted the application on behalf of the Delhi Chief Minister.

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