Madhya Pradesh HC
Madhya Pradesh HC

[Coronavirus] No Court work to take place in Madhya Pradesh HC, lower courts for 3 weeks in light of national lockdown

Shruti Mahajan

The Chief Justice of the Madhya Pradesh High Court has directed that there will be no Court work for the next three weeks, in light of the 21 day nationwide lockdown declared by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi yesterday to combat the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

"....due to the threat of the pandemic Corona virus and immobilization of the public at large, it has been decided to declare the non-working of the High Court of Madhya Pradesh as well as entire subordinate Judiciary of the State of Madhya Pradesh."
Madhya Pradesh HC Circular

Court work has been stopped with immediate effect until April 14, the circular states. Further, it is specified that the declaration would cover the High Court's Principal Bench at Jabalpur, its other Benches at Indore and Gwalior, as well as the subordinate judiciary and Family Courts in the State.

Elucidating further, the circular lays down that all the administrative and judicial work shall be communicated through the Registrar General and Principal Registrars at the High Court Benches through their official email ID. Physical entry into the premises has been prohibited in the meantime.

Entry has also been prohibited into lower Courts. Further, the heads of these Courts have been asked to notify an official email ID and the details of Court or Administrative Manager who can be the point of contact for judicial and administrative work.

All Court staff and Registry staff have been directed to stay in their respective places of their posting, subject to directions by the superiors to carry out any urgent or emergent duties.

As regards hearing of matters, the circular clarifies that "no matter, unless it is urgent or eminently emergent, shall be entertained" except with the prior permission of the Chief Justice of the High Court and/or of the District Judge or Principal Judge for the subordinate courts, as the case may be.

Should permission be granted for the hearing, the circular states that the lawyer will be informed of the venue, time and mode of addressing the Court and that the same may be done via video conferencing.

Read the Circular:

MP HC ORDER ON LOCKDOWN - 25-03-2020.pdf
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