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#Sponsored: Why you should create your Law Resume on ResuGo – the World’s first Resume Builder for Law Students and Lawyers

ResuGo is the world's first automated intelligent resume builder made just for lawyers and law students.

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While drafting your law resume, have you ever wondered – am I doing this right?

We, at RecruVia, a LegalTech recruitment company, have embarked on a journey to solve this resume-drafting problem that often plagues job-hunters.

After taking inputs from a diverse set of lawyers, law students, legal educators, and employers, and leveraging our expertise on machine learning, we created ResuGo, the world's first automated intelligent resume builder made just for lawyers and law students.

Here are 7 compelling reasons why you should head over to and start building your job-winning resume today.

1. ResuGo is easy to use

By answering a few questions with a few clicks, our resume-builder writes the content of your resumes based on your work or internship experience. How much easier can it get?

2. We have sorted formatting for you

Tabs, indents, bullets, and the ruler – does this sound like a nightmare? We know formatting can be time-consuming, and so we’ve created a market-standard template which has been approved and endorsed by top tier law firm partners and recruiters. Rest assured you’re using a resume format that will land you your dream interview.

3. You won’t have to worry about spelling and grammar

Our intelligent resume builder does the writing for you, and so you won’t have to stress about tense, style, and grammar. By using ResuGo, you will be on the path of creating an error-free resume.

4. Our resumes are ATS-friendly

The ResuGo generated resume is designed to beat the applicant tracking system (ATS), which is a software used by employers and recruiters to scan, sort, and rank the resumes they receive for vacant roles. It is no wonder that a lot of deserving candidates never make it to the interview stage – they’re not using an ATS-friendly format. By using a ResuGo resume, you can be confident that your resume will never end up in a black hole.

5. Your resume will be keyword-optimised

Using the right technical skills will get your resume noticed by a recruiter, hirer, or a bot. We’ve made law firm partners select the keywords they are looking for in a resume and have built that into the auto-generated content that will end up in your resume. Don’t be surprised if you land your dream job/internship with our resumes.

6. You can create several versions of your resume

It is critical to tailor your resume for each application depending on the job description or nature of the firm. You can create multiple versions of your resume at ResuGo and access your resume whenever and from any device. You’ll never have to worry about not having access to your laptop or losing your data during a system crash!

7. Our basic version will always be free

We know that the path of a jobseeker is uphill and therefore, the basic features of ResuGo will always be free. That’s our promise!

So, what are you waiting for?

Head over to and build your impressive resume today.

We’d love to hear suggestions as we are all about constant product improvement and so please reach out to for feedback or any bugs you may encounter.

PS: Currently, ResuGo does not yet cater to in-house lawyers. These added features are coming soon!

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