Ms. Heather Wallick
Ms. Heather Wallick 
Apprentice Lawyer

#Sponsored: Former Harvard Law School LL.M. Admissions Officer Coaching in India

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Ms. Heather Wallick the former Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid for the Graduate Program at Harvard Law School(HLS) has been managing a coaching practice in India for the past four years with a goal of helping students with top-tier admissions preparation.

Heather worked for Harvard Law School for twelve years, most recently as the Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid for the Graduate Program.

Before joining the Graduate Program at HLS, she worked as a lawyer and an Immigration Law Specialist focusing on the area of Business and Family Immigration. Now, she is the Director of Wallick Global Consulting Private Limited, a thriving coaching practice providing support and capacity building to students during the highly competitive graduate school application process.

During her career, Heather has reviewed thousands of applications for admission, financial aid, and US work visas. She is an expert in her field and enjoys helping students achieve their goals.

Through her company Wallick Global Consulting, Heather is providing end-to-end counseling solutions which include, among other services: Vetting internship, publication, and placement opportunities, analyzing university choices, and managing expectations and outcomes; Providing support and feedback for developing a personal essay or research proposal in a more thorough and professional way; Locating lesser known financial aid opportunities and Immigration Planning and Pre-departure counselling.

Coaching Model

Heather is a proponent of ethical coaching and believes that every individual has the potential to excel if given the right direction and support. Her message to all students is “to work hard and aspire high.” For aspirants in the workforce, the challenges are somewhat different. She says, “Work smart on the applications while working hard for your clients.”

Heather coaches from a subject matter no-bar model for mentoring. She believes that students should not seek “application assistance.” Rather they should seek profile building with a coach that can mentor while in the earlier years of law school as well as guide him or her through the application process in later years.

Heather takes sufficient time to ensure fundamental understanding of the application procedures and demands. Moreover, she carefully explains how submissions will be viewed by readers and evaluators in the university admission team. This is an area in which she can provide some firsthand insight from her time at Harvard.


Wallick Global Consulting has achieved success with coaching students who have been admitted to most of the top tier LL.M. programs including: Harvard, Colombia, NYU, Cambridge, UC Berkley, U Penn, Cornell, U Chicago, UCL, LSE, NUS and Kings. Apart from the LL.M., she has also helped students with their application strategies for their admissions to the YALE Silver Scholar Program, MIT SLOAN (MBA/MS), MBA at Kellogg, INSEAD, NYU and many MS programs at universities such as Stanford and Carnegie Mellon.

In addition, she has a thriving undergraduate admissions practice, but her priority in starting a coaching practice in India has always been to bring quality application support services and capacity building to the LL.M./SJD candidate.

Experiences in India

Heather has already lectured about “Early Preparation” at the crème de la crème of law universities in India and has also given similar talks online. Heather has coached many members of the Bar who are making the application after several years’ experience.

Apart from the Law schools in India, she has given talks in almost all the top IIT’s, top tier engineering colleges and top private universities to know the ground realities. Ms. Wallick has visited more than 60 schools, colleges, and universities in more than 20 states in India.

This exposure provided her a unique perspective about the gaps and the ground realities. With her pre-existing understanding of the requirements of the top-tier universities, this grassroots travel and research has helped give her additional perspective to add to the profile building and application strategies.

Heather finds that the most common gap in preparation is the inconsistent time spent in advance of applying to ensure that the profile is as robust as it can be.

Candidates who do not put sufficient time and effort toward crafting a competitive profile for their LL.M. miss easy but critical points that can add quite a bit of holistic value to their application. One constraint is the time that is required for service and ‘extra-practice’ activities needs to be balanced with practice responsibilities and often a very full caseload.

For those who have graduated from law school, Ms. Wallick has an evening-hours practice with priority service exclusively for those candidates in the workforce to ensure that everything can and does get timely completed.

Along with assisting current applicants to the LL.M. class of 2022, Wallick Global Consulting is interviewing potential clients who need services for applications to the class of 2023 and beyond.

There is no time like the present to start career planning. Please call 9312023913 or write to Heather at to set up an appointment for a free 15-minute consultation about preparing for graduate studies in law.

You can read more about Wallick Global Consulting at

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