Law & Policy Columns

Law & Policy Columns
Renewable Energy

Green power in red zone? Existing challenges to the Renewable Energy Sector in India

Shri Venkatesh

State activism: Should COVID-19 vaccination be compulsory?

Rohin Dubey

Settlement and Commitments: Potential recipe for improving effectiveness of Competition Law in India

Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh

160 years of policing, and distrust

Faisal Sherwani

Kamini Deshmukh, Manisha T Karia

Urgent need for reforms in law and policy for Mental Health in India

Manisha T Karia

Human rights, marriage contracts

Cultural legitimacy in human rights: A case study in Islamic marriage contracts and Jewish prenuptial agreements

Aaliya Waziri

Supreme Court in London

Judicial Review in the UK: Lessons for India?

Manuraj S

Law & Policy Columns