Law & Policy Columns

Law & Policy Columns

IBC, the theory of Fresh Slate, and few debatable issues with respect to Claims

Vardaan Bajaj

Blanket extension to Real Estate Projects in light of COVID-19 pandemic: Ex facie arbitrary and untenable in law

Amar Patil

Doctrine of Separability and determination of the proper law of an Arbitration agreement

Aastha Chawla

Requisitioning of Private Hospitals in Tamil Nadu: The need of the hour

Gopika Nambiar

Bois locker room

“Bois Locker Room”: The role of Intermediaries in regulation of content

Aman Singh Bakshi

Social Media and the Judiciary

Social Media and the Judiciary

Anurag Bana

Labour Laws

Exemption from Labour Laws: Unleashing the "New Normal"?

Udit Chauhan