Call for Blog Submissions: Mapping ADR, Jindal Global Law School

Submit entries by 29 February 2023!
Mapping ADR, JGLS
Mapping ADR, JGLS

'Mapping ADR' is a student-run research platform aimed at facilitating discussion on the contours of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms.

A key aspect of this platform is the Mapping ADR Blog, a focused and convenient avenue for those who are interested in writing and are keen to publish ideas on contemporary issues surrounding ADR practice. Given the growing interest in the legal fraternity in developments on ADR and its increasing prominence, discussion on it is more relevant now than ever.

Its aim has been to critically explore issues both specific to the Indian legal arena as well as increasingly relevant transnational alternative dispute settlement.

The editorial board consists of 20+ dedicated students who work under the guidance of Professor Ashwin Mishra to publish original and thought-provoking literature.

Submission Guidelines

  • We invite original submissions on subjects pertaining to ADR, which includes but is not limited to Arbitration, Mediation and Commercial Negotiation.

  • Authors must ensure that their chosen theme/arguments have not already been substantially covered in past articles or contemporary discourse. However, this does not apply to responses or differing perspectives on existing content.

  • Articles must be between 1,500-1,800 words. This is flexible, based on the quality of the piece.

  • We are keen to include tables, charts, and relevant figures where appropriate.

  • The Font of the article needs to be “Garamond”, the font size should be 12, and the text should be justified.

  • Submissions should be made in .doc or .docx format only.

  • We use hyperlinks rather than citations for references. Links should direct readers to more detailed reports or other pieces of research, news items or other blog posts. If the source is not available online, only OSCOLA (4th Edition) citation in the form of endnotes is permitted.

  • Submissions should be concise and should analyse contemporary legal issues.

  • All contributions must be submitted along with four to five relevant keywords.

  • A small abstract of around 100-120 words must be submitted with the article.

  • Co-authorship of a maximum of two authors is permitted.

  • All contributions should be sent to –, with a cover letter in the body of the email mentioning the name, designation and institutional affiliation of the author(s).

  • The blind double-review process will take 7-10 days.

  • The author(s) must not mention their name in the document.

  • The Editors of the Blog reserve absolute discretion in determining whether the article is accepted or requires any further revisions before being published. The author(s) must include the suggested revisions for the article to be published.

Submission Deadline

The deadline for abstract submission is on 29 February 2023.

Contact Information

For any queries, you can write to

For more details, please visit the website .

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