Call for Blogs: ADR Association at School of Law, UPES (Submit by Nov 5)

Call for Blogs: ADR Association at School of Law, UPES (Submit by Nov 5)

The ADR Association at the School of Law, UPES, Dehradun is a premier academic society working in the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution and its allied disciplines.

The ADR Association blog is an accessible platform for budding minds to present their innovation and willingness in order to contribute in the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution and its allied disciplines.

The Association is inviting posts from students, researchers, academicians and legal practitioners to further deliberation in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

About the Blog

The ADR Association blog is set up to promote content writing in the era of Alternative Dispute Resolution and accepting submissions in the category of Blogs. The blogs can be submitted on theme provided below.

The blog submitted should not be a mere reiteration of the existing literature or framework and the author/s should try to be novel in the ideas.


Authors may make submissions on topics pertaining to any one of the following:

● Domestic Arbitration: Judicial Intervention in Arbitral Procedure, Role & Impact in shaping Indian Legal System, Impact during and post the pandemic

● International Arbitration -Double hatting

● Investment Arbitration

● Negotiation

● Mediation: Role & Impact in shaping Indian Legal System

● Conciliation

● ADR in relevance to: Healthcare, Corporate World, Media and Entertainment Industry, Family Affairs

● Indigenous form of Dispute Settlement

● Arbitral Seat

● Technology and Arbitration: Block chain and Smart contacts, IPR and its disputes

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive and authors are free to write on issues falling broadly within the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The blog permits Articles, Case Notes, and Essay falling within the scope of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Co-authorship: Co-authorship is allowed up to 2 authors.

Submission deadline: 5th November 2020

Publication Fee: There is no publication fee for the approved works.

How to Submit

All the submissions must be submitted through the form:

(Link: ) and must be in word format (‘. doc’s or ‘.docx’).

The piece of work submitted must be original, unpublished and not under review anywhere.

Any form of Plagiarism (more than 20%) will result in an automatic disqualification.

Before submitting any work, it is requested to refer to our ‘Guidelines for Publication’ dealing with our submission policies regarding plagiarism, copyright infringement and ownership is provided on the website.


Guidelines for Publication

The word limit of the blogs submitted shall ideally be within 2,000 words (excluding footnotes).

However, we shall be flexible with the word limit if the quality of the submission is up to the mark.

Timeline for Review

The authors will get feedback maximum within 15 days of the submission of their blog.

The author/s can request for expedited review if they feel the topic is of very contemporary importance and might lose its relevance if the review is delayed.

The editorial board may accept/ reject the requests of expedited review depending upon the feasibility.

Contact Information

Nishtha Kansal, Student Convener


Contact Number: +91 9983301735

Harsh Pandya, Student Secretary


Contact Number: +91 8349405262

Divya Sharma, Student Treasurer


Contact Number: +91 9713942089

Khwaja Umair, Student Co-Convener

Email –

Contact Number: +918602565110

In case of any other queries, you can reach out to us on Link to the Website:

After publication an E–certificate of Publication will be issued to the author(s).

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