Jindal Global Law School is India’s Leading Research-Driven Faculty with Over 120 Scopus Publications - Higher than all NLUs [Press Release]

As per the data available in the SCOPUS database, the faculty members of Jindal Global Law School have published 123 research articles in SCOPUS-indexed journals in the year 2022.
Jindal Global Law School (JGLS)
Jindal Global Law School (JGLS)

The Jindal Global Law School (JGLS), India’s first ranked Law School as per 2023 QS World University Rankings By Subject reached a new milestone on research and impact of the scholarship of its faculty members.

As per the data available in the SCOPUS database, the faculty members of Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) have published 123 research articles in SCOPUS-indexed journals in the year 2022. This is an incredible outcome of one law school in India, especially when all of 28 National Law Universities (NLUs) combined have produced lesser Scopus-indexed publications in 2022.

It is important to recognise that a good number of these publications are in globally renowned and distinguished journals and law reviews, which include, the Journal of World Trade, Asia Pacific Law Review, Sexual and Reproductive Rights Matter, Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence, Asian Journal of International Law, International Sports Law Journal, Statute Law Review, African Journal of International and Comparative Law, Australian Yearbook of International Law, Journal of Gender Studies, European Constitutional Law Review, Comparative Critical Studies,  International Journal of Law in Context and Feminist Legal Studies.

The research policy of JGLS recognizes the symbiotic relationship between research and teaching emphasising on the production of high-quality and original scholarship that is socially relevant. In pursuance of this policy, O.P. Jindal Global University has developed intellectual spaces within which research can thrive—which includes an impressive and generous incentive structure for encouraging faculty publications. 

Announcing this important achievement, Professor (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar, Founding Vice Chancellor of O.P. Jindal Global University stated, “O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) and Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) has always recognized that knowledge production is a way to participate in addressing critical issues of our time through transformative ideas generated by independent and rigorous research. The research impact is possible only by empowering the faculty of the university while protecting their academic freedom. Hence, we had no hesitation to invest on our faculty since our founding. Our support structure for research includes Staff Development Fund for attending conferences, research seed money for building projects, and monetary rewards for publications. But above all, it is the drive, motivation and social commitment of our faculty members which helped us actualize our goals and aspirations. Without their efforts everything would have remained as mere goals and policies. These results that we see today at JGLS are in line with the vision of the National Education Policy 2020 to promote research. JGU has actively supported the ‘publish and flourish’ policy that lays great emphasis on high impact scholarship by its faculty members.” 

Professor (Dr.) Sreejith S.G., Executive Dean of JGLS observed that “That the research of our faculty members have found placed in some of the most coveted Scopus-indexed publications signifies the importance and relevance of their ‘voice’. It is their understanding of their social self which made them voices of social relevance that are needed both globally and nationally for society and nation building. Once their sense of social responsibility got wedded to their appetite for knowledge, that gave us this outstanding result”.

Professor Dipika Jain, Vice Dean (Research and Publications) and Professor (Dr.) Shivprasad Swaminathan, Associate Dean (Research and Publications), JGLS commented on the efforts taken to achieve this result, “… we at the Office of the Research Dean, JGLS have been able to create an enabling ecosystem for research and knowledge creation by encouraging a collegial and joyful atmosphere in which thinking and writing can thrive.” 

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