Emerging LLM Specializations That You Can Opt for to Soar Your Legal Career!

This article shares some of the most preferred specializations of LLM.
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Specializations play an important role in the LLM program as it helps you to gain in-depth knowledge of the chosen domain. Thus, it becomes absolutely essential to choose a specialization that matches your career goal and aptitude. 

In this article we share some of the most preferred specializations of LLM.

LLM in Corporate Law

Businesses and start-ups are the major institutions  that constitute the economy of a country. A corporation is usually treated as a separate entity and is considered to have the same rights as an individual  as per the constitution. The LLM in corporate law is a popular specialization that provides law students with an in-depth understanding of dealings along with the legal aspect of all corporate work. The main tasks of a corporate lawyer include: dealing with clients on behalf of the organization, overseeing mergers and acquisitions, and operating the corporation’s legal framework.

This LLM in corporate law courses covers:

  • Company law

  • Derivatives in legal context

  • Commercial banking

  • International trust law

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Insurance laws

  • Capital market laws

  • Corporate legal framework

  • Philosophy of law

  • European procurement law

  • Foreign trade policies

  • Research work

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LLM in International Business and Finance Law 

The Master of Laws (LL.M) in International Business and Financial Law is an advanced degree for students looking to improve their understanding of international business laws.

This program provides enhanced learning via a combination of business and law perspectives by offering courses like  Principles of International Law in Business Environments, International Business Transactions, Commercial Contracts, Comparative Business Association Law, etc. These subjects enable students to understand the legal workings of international businesses on a global scale. Some other courses offered as part of this master's degree include: 

  • Technology, Business & Law

  • International Trade Law

  • International Investment Law

  • Comparative and International Issues in Intellectual Property Law 

Through this flexible program, designed specifically for working professionals, students will be able to explore various facets of business law around their work schedule.

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LLM in Intellectual Property and Technology Law (IPTL)

The Master of Laws (LLM) in Intellectual Property and Technology Law (IPTL) is a graduate degree program that moulds  literate and skilled intellectual property experts. ITPL is a field of law that deals with legal rights related to unique creative work and inventions. These laws were put in place to enable individuals who develop or invent things to profit from their work. 

This LLM in IPTL includes:

  • Introduction to intellectual property and technology 

  • Utilization of creative works and designs 

  • Study of primary areas of intellectual property

  • Copyright law

  • Patent law

  • Trademark law

  • Unfair competition law

  • Intellectual property rights

  • Role of intellectual property and technology in finance

  • Study of contemporary issues

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LLM in Dispute Resolution 

This LLM in Dispute Resolution is specially designed for law graduates who wish to attain a master's degree while expanding their understanding of different mediation and arbitration techniques and practices. The program is embedded in dispute resolution concepts giving you a broad range of interdisciplinary knowledge and opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

This LLM in dispute resolution includes:

  • A deep study of dispute resolution theory

  • Meditation law

  • Arbitration law

  • Negotiation law

  • Collaborative law

  • Early neutral evaluation 

  • Private judging

  • Traditional dispute resolution

  • Alternate dispute resolution

  • Hybrid methods of dispute resolution

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