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ILNU Mooters
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The Mooters: Institute of Law, Nirma University

Shreya V

“The Mooters” are a series of interviews with the Moot Court Committees of different law schools in the country. In this piece, the MCC from the Institute of Law, Nirma University talks about the selection process followed, challenges faced while organising a moot and the benefits of mooting for a law student.

Shreya Vajpei: How are members inducted in the Moot Court Committee and what are their main responsibilities?

Institute of Law, Nirma University: We have very organised system of inducting the members in Moot Court Committee (MCC). Students are invited to send their application for the membership of MCC. Chairperson, Secretary and Faculty Coordinator scrutinize all the received applications. After the scrutiny, students are invited for personal interview and then a final selection is made.

We always encourage first year students to become part of the committee so that they could learn about  mooting from the first year itself.

Members of the committee look after all the matters pertaining to intra-mural moot court competition, various open challengers, allocation of moots and mentoring of the mooters.

SV: What’s the process of organizing a national moot court competition? How do you find sponsors?

ILNU: The Moot Court Organizing Committee is categorized into six spheres, each headed by a core committee member, who are given the responsibility of gathering sponsorships, scrutinising respected judges, promotion and campaigning, hospitality and accommodation & the event management cell, according to their past experiences and specialization.

ILNU has recently hosted the prestigious Louis M. Brown and Foster S. Mosten, International Client Consultation Competition (National Rounds) 2016 along with the 6th Edition of ILNU International Moot Court Competition as its Flagship Event.

Sponsorships are managed by a team of students who have nurtured themselves with the art of promotion of one of the biggest Competitions in the Country, which is evident from the heart-warming contribution that ILNU receives from multiple sectors including Food & Beverages, Transportation and also from eminent advocates and law firms based in Gujarat.

SV: In your opinion how does mooting benefit a law student?

ILNU: Importance of mooting for a law student is already well recognised. It has many things to give you as a budding lawyer. This is one platform where you can learn a lot from yourself, from your team members and from your competitors. Mooting prepares you for the future. Every single day you learn something new. One of the best aspects of mooting is that most of the students afraid of arguing before the judges but when they participate in moot courts, this fear automatically go away.

SV: How do you select judges for the various rounds?

ILNU: ILNU’s Moot Court Competition is widely acknowledged for quality Judging. In the previous years ILNU has been graced by Honourable Judges of Supreme Court and High Courts.

Judges are carefully selected by a Scrutiny Committee which renders significant consideration to the field of law in the Moot Proposition. The respected judges are scrutinized according to their expertise in the said field to ensure maximum learning experience for the participants.

The Moot Court Committee at the Institute of Law, Nirma University comprises Ronith Joy, Bharat Singh,  Yash Bagra,  Arzoo Virmani, Bobby Jain,  Alind Chopra, Ayushi Kalya and Bhavini.

Images provided by the Moot Court Committee.