Sponsored: National Law Training Institute provides mentorship at accessible prices

NLTI’s CLAT 2023 batch saw over 50 students being admitted to NLSIU, NLU Delhi and NALSAR.
Sponsored: National Law Training Institute provides mentorship at accessible prices

The National Law Training Institute (NLTI) was started exclusively by NLSIU students in August last year with an aim to provide honest and comprehensive mentorship with accessible prices for everyone.

Today, the institute is 1,000 students strong with over 10,000 subscribers across platforms.

NLTI’s CLAT 2023 batch experienced an unprecedented selection ratio which saw over 50 students being admitted to NLS, NLUD and NALSAR.

NLTI in their own words

We are a bunch of NLS students, who are cognizant of the exact situation you are in right now. Not too long ago, we were getting low mock scores, getting distressed with the burden of parental and societal pressures over us. We know what it is like to give CLAT, to think if you are making the right decision, and to worry if you will ever be able to crack one of the top National Law Universities. Surprisingly, with the help of friends and family, we made it into the National Law School, Bangalore, the dream, the Harvard of the East.

The National Law Training Institute is our gift to the CLAT community, an answer to the high fees associated with mentorship. We believe that mentorship is a responsibility, not a luxury, and that's exactly what we're offering – the best support on your journey to becoming a legal scholar. 

This is just the beginning. Our goal is to bring you face-to-face with the very people who have been creating mock tests for you, to help you analyze and understand them with ease. No hidden fees, no unreasonable charges – just the best guidance at the right time, without breaking the bank. Join us at the National Law Training Institute and discover what it means to have the right guidance, at the right time.

To be a part of the revolution, join the Telegram channel or visit the website.

Our CLAT 2023 Results!

NLTI students had over 50 selections in NLSIU and NLU Delhi in CLAT 2023 and AILET 2023. Our flagship Super-30 batch boasts of a 100% selection rate which saw more than 20 selections in the Top-3 NLUs of the country. We at NLTI believe in providing you with the best quality mentorship and the best quality material at the most economical prices.

The limited number of mentees per mentor ensures personalised and customised mentorship and schedule for everyone.

The competitive environment of study buddy groups will always keep you on your toes and motivate you to work harder with each passing day.


We have included a whole new host of deliverables for our CLAT 2024 Batch. This time you will get access to:

1. Personal Mentorship by NLSIU Mentor

2. Study Buddy Groups

3. Daily GK Quizzes

4. Daily Vocab Quizzes

5. Personalised Time Tables and Schedule

6. Daily Most Important Articles

7. Access to Monthly Masterclasses by Subject Toppers

8. Daily Vocabulary Exercises

9. Concepts Simplified - CR and Legal

10. Fortnightly GK Compendium

11. Weekly GK MIT

12. Access to live-proctored mocks on our newly developed Education Portal.

13. Daily Doubt Clearing via Telegram Chat

14. Weekly Live Doubt Clearing Sessions

15. Preference in NLTI's Super-30 Program that saw 15/30 Selections in NLS and NLUD

We are also rolling out our Test Series which is most suited to the CLAT pattern (remember that the Consortium asked the same passage that we did in one of our mocks).


  • Rs 7,000 for 6 Months Mentorship till CLAT 2024 + Test Series

  • Rs 3,000 for 3 Months Mentorship only

  • Rs 4,000 for Comprehensive Test Series

35 CLAT Mocks + 5 AILET Mocks + 10 OLET Mocks + 50 Sectional Tests

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