Sports Law & Policy Symposium: June 20 and June 27, 2020

This time, the Symposium will be held virtually and is free to join. Some of the themes for this year's symposium include match manipulation, sports post-COVID-19, livelihoods in sports and women’s cricket.
Sports Law & Policy Symposium, 2020
Sports Law & Policy Symposium, 2020

The Sports Law and Policy Centre, Bangalore will be organising the 2020 edition of ‘The Sports Law & Policy Symposium’ on 20 June and 27 June, 2020. This time, the Symposium will be held virtually and is free to join.

The Symposium is an annual flagship conference, representing the Centre's continuing commitment to thought leadership in India by bringing together leading sports law practitioners, sports policy experts, in-house counsel, researchers, academicians, sports administrators, NGOs and students in India.

The event serves as an opportunity to exchange and share experiences and learnings on various aspects of the law and policy relating to sports in India.

Since the first edition of the Symposium in 2017, each year, the Symposium highlights emerging concerns in the domain of sports law and policy in India, and encourages deeper engagement in the issues to benefit the Indian sports eco-system.

Who can participate?

Anyone with an interest in Indian sports law, governance, commerce, management, marketing and policy are eligible to join the symposium.

Last year the Symposium was held on 2-3 August at the Bangalore International Centre and brought together over 22 eminent Indian and international speakers and an audience of over 150 participants.

The Symposium was structured around keynote speeches, discussions, fireside chats and research presentations on varied topics such as Football Laws, Politics, Human Rights, Hyperandrogenism and India’s Sporting Transformation.

The event report is available here. Also read the research report, Mine: The Future of Data Rights in Sport. To view videos from the past editions, visit the Centre's YouTube channel


Themes and sub themes for this year's symposium include:

  • Match Manipulation

  • Sports Governance

  • Sports Post Covid

  • Equal Pay

  • Livelihoods in Sport

  • Funding

  • Women's Cricket

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