Study one of the fastest growing areas of dispute resolution with Newcastle University

The University has launched an online LLM in Mediation and International Commercial Dispute Resolution
Study one of the fastest growing areas of dispute resolution with Newcastle University

A new online LLM in Mediation and International Commercial Dispute Resolution from Newcastle University, UK, is opening up a world of opportunity for ambitious law students.

This unique and innovative programme is aimed at graduates who want to excel in the fastest growing area of dispute resolution, and access careers and further study opportunities either at home, or on the other side of the world.

2022 looks set to be a significant year for dispute resolution in India. A new, far-reaching Mediation Bill, published in late 2021, will be considered by parliament and stakeholders. A national Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) strategy will be rolled out, and there is increasing pressure on the government to ratify the Singapore Convention on Mediation.

These developments, fuelled by an enormous and growing backlog of pending cases and rapid commercial development in India, mean new opportunities for Indian lawyers. To be ready for these opportunities will require new knowledge and skills.

This LLM is designed to equip you to stand out in this field.

Newcastle University, located in North East England, is a member of the prestigious Russell Group – 24 universities that distinguish themselves through world-class research and education, and have global social, economic and cultural impact. 32% of students attending these universities are of non-UK nationality. Newcastle Law School is the ideal springboard for a legal career and is ranked 18th in the UK by independent rankings, the Complete University Guide.

Why this programme is so special

Mediation and dispute resolution are hot topics

Even before the crisis of the last two years, mediation was the fastest growing dispute resolution process across all regions.

The Covid-19 pandemic spurred further acceleration as closed courts, and even longer waiting times, drove more litigants to mediation, which adapted to circumstances and moved online rapidly and successfully. The pandemic has gone on to give rise to huge numbers of disputes – and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Commercial clients, in particular, are now no longer willing to tolerate long delays and excessive fee notes to get their disputes resolved. In a choice between a rapid process that can result in a restoration of lucrative commercial relationships or protracted court proceedings, companies and business owners are voting with their feet and choosing mediation. Governments and international organisations have responded to, and encouraged, this trend by means of new legislation and international instruments.

As a result, every law firm, in-house legal team and government agency will need lawyers who are confident and competent in the law, practice and skills of mediation and mediation advocacy. This, in turn, will lead to the following:

Excellent graduate opportunities

This exciting field will offer a wealth of opportunity for graduates. Law firms of all sizes need dispute resolution lawyers who can choose the right process for their clients’ dispute, prepare for the process and support their clients through it. In March 2022, more than 2,300 positions were available for dispute resolution lawyers in the UK alone. (Source -

The knowledge and skills required are different to those needed in other areas of legal practice, so specialised education will give those wanting to work in this area an edge. These skills will also be required by in-house counsel for global firms and big tech companies who employ thousands of lawyers. Most of these companies require dispute resolution expertise, including knowledge of online dispute resolution and automated processes – a thriving and rapidly expanding sub-set of dispute resolution practises.

Opportunities also exist in a wide range of national and international organisations and institutions. These include governmental institutions, international bodies such as the UN and World Bank, and non-governmental bodies such as dispute resolution institutions, private bodies, NGO’s and charities.

If you are more interested in pursuing a career in research and academia, a Master’s level specialised qualification is essential. Commercial dispute resolution is an area that has traditionally been under-researched, and its exponential growth in recent years has identified critical topics and themes for research, discovery and publication. This means you will be able to make your mark and stand out in the field. This course can be used as a route into PhD study and will help you develop interests in the field.

Study from anywhere in the world

Another unique feature of this LLM programme is its approach to learning and teaching.

As a result of partnering with leading online education start-up Mediator Academy, Newcastle Law School is offering the LLM in an innovative, online format. You will do most of your learning in your own time, engaging in interactive online sessions that are very different from the Zoom classes and recorded lectures that have become commonplace in the last two years.

Skills simulations, interview-style expert faculty videos and engaging assessment will be accompanied by live group sessions with tutors and guest lecturers, a student community forum and other learning activities.

Programme Director, Professor Bryan Clark, is one of the leading experts in commercial mediation and dispute resolution in Europe. With a distinguished academic record and an extensive list of publications, he has carried out in-depth research in the field and has published widely on the topic – with a particular focus on mediation and the legal profession. He enthusiastically supports and coaches students who participate in international mediation and negotiation competitions and other extracurricular activities.

The partnership between Newcastle University and Mediator Academy will also give you the opportunity to learn from a range of expert practitioners who work in the sectors you are interested in. These experts are located across the globe and bring a wealth of real-life experience to the programme. The programme is designed to give both flexibility in when and how you study, and nurture a thriving online community of students, tutors and experts.

There has never been a better, more exciting time to specialise in mediation and international commercial dispute resolution. Opportunities abound and both new and already qualified lawyers can take advantage of these at home and abroad with the right qualifications, knowledge and skills

Learn more about this programme here.

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