Lawyer turned Legal Recruiter and Consultant: Divya Mehta on founding Legal Casa & more

Lawyer turned Legal Recruiter and Consultant: Divya Mehta on founding Legal Casa & more

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It took me ten internships and six job changes in seven years (!) to reach the “Aha” moment.

From working as an IP lawyer to transitioning into legal recruitment and working with a start-up (heading Legally India’s job portal) was really exciting and challenging as well and it gave me perspective to know myself a lot better.

When I experienced what it was like to be on the other side of the table, I realised, I really enjoyed interacting with lawyers from different walks of life and coming from the same fraternity, an understanding towards fellow lawyers and their careers instilled a feeling of empathy and profound interest to transition into legal recruitment and consulting.

While it is necessary to gain experience and weigh your pros and cons before venturing out on your own, my past record of job changes and my independent and entrepreneurial streak guided me to start Legal Casa, a few months ago.

To be candid, it was both exciting and scary!

It is always intimidating to move away from one’s comfort zone, but for me that is where the magic really begun. The encouragement and support I have received from the legal fraternity has been phenomenal and above my expectations.

It does not matter what we choose to make of our careers and our lives, ultimately, we need to really love what we do in order to be happy and successful. There is no other way. It took me several years of exploration in my career and job switches to reach this place of “self-knowing” and “self-realisation”, which is what guided me to coach law students who are seeking guidance in their career and internships. We all need someone at the right time to guide us to open our minds and steer us in the direction to reach our full potential.

Recruiting lawyers at all levels across the Asia Pacific region and them displaying confidence and trust drives me even more each day to give my best to facilitate their next move keeping in mind their short and long term goals.

Whether you work as a private practice lawyer, in-house, or contemplating a switch in your current line of work or rather be an entrepreneur, ultimately, job satisfaction comes from really knowing yourself and what motivates you to wake up every morning and get to work.

Once you really accept the choices you make for yourself, it gives you a great sense of freedom. Your only comparison will be with yourself and strive each day to be the best version of yourself.

The objective is to make choices commensurate with our personality type keeping in mind our goals and aspirations. There is no right way or wrong way to go about it. Like they say, to each their own. Suit up and yourself.

Divya is an erstwhile lawyer turned legal recruitment consultant and coach. With an experience of nearly a decade, she founded Legal Casa, a legal search and consulting firm. Visit for more information or feel free to write to her at 

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