3-day FREE online Bootcamp on How to crack a law firm job by Lawsikho

LawSikho (a leading education platform in India) is bringing an ultimate 3-day FREE online Bootcamp to make your law firm job search easy (8-10 January, 6-9 pm IST).
3-day FREE online bootcamp
3-day FREE online bootcamp Lawsikho

Once, one of the top seven law firms in India shortlisted 17 fresh law graduates for interview.

Considering they were going to hire just two out of them, it was a tough battle amongst the candidates.

One amongst the 17 was a LawSikho student. During her interview she said her favorite area of law is FDI and investment law.

Now that is not something recruiters expect to hear from students, because such topics are not properly taught in law schools. Hence, they asked her what she knew about it.

She had a gala time answering that question. She told them everything she knew about investment law which she had studied in LawSikho.

The fresh law graduate emerged from the interview room and walked down six flights of stairs with the confidence that she had landed the job.

Well, she was one of the two people who was offered a job finally.

To land a job in a law firm you need to have this one area of law that genuinely interests you, and you have to build your CV around it.

You need to know the subject well enough and if a law firm partner starts talking to you about it, he or she will be definitely impressed by how much you know. That’s the easiest way to crack a law firm interview, which has been proven time and again.

In the chosen area, you have to know the obvious stuff that is taught in law school that everyone is expected to know, but also a lot more. You need to know the practical aspects of law that lawyers face when they deal with clients in real life. You find out about this topic as much as you can.

You have to build a track record around that area and should have tangible evidence to demonstrate in your CV.

The subject cannot be any random area of law but something law firms are popular at.

  • Do you want to know what other niche areas of law are most preferred by law firms?

  • Do you want to learn about the topics that are popular amongst candidates who successfully crack law firm interviews?

  • Do you want to build a track record that can enhance your chances to land a law firm job?

Get a head start on your career in law!

LawSikho (leading education platform in India) is bringing an ultimate 3-day FREE online bootcamp to make your law firm job search easy.

Join us for a 9 hrs of exhaustive bootcamp on “How to get a law firm job” from 8-10 January, 6-9 pm IST.

During this bootcamp you will learn all about the exciting opportunities waiting for you in a career as an attorney in a law firm. You'll get to explore what specialty areas are available, and how your personality type may impact which area of law is right for you!

Our hosts are Ramanuj Mukherjee (CEO of LawSikho) and Abhyuday Agarwal (COO of LawSikho). The hosts will teach you how to make your CV shine and stand-out from other candidates.They'll help you answer some of the toughest questions like how can you get noticed and what should your cover letter say and more!

LawSikho have empowered more than 90k participants from 120 countries who have attended our bootcamps so far and changed their lives and careers for good.

Join this movement to reinvent your life too.

See you at the bootcamp!

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