[Exclusive]: Ex-AZB Partner Meera Singh joins KPMG as General Counsel

Pallavi Saluja

Former AZB Capital Markets Partner Meera Singh has joined KPMG as General


Confirming the news, Meera Singh said,

“I am very excited and happy to join the KPMG family and I am looking forward to being here.”

Meera had resigned from AZB & Partners in 2014 for personal reasons and has been on a break since then.

Meera, a graduate of Campus Law Centre, has around 20 years of experience. She initially joined New Delhi Law Offices and worked there for almost seven years. In 2001, she moved to Ajay Bahl & Co., which later became AZB & Partners effective April 1, 2004.

Meera, who has represented various Indian companies and lead managers on numerous capital markets transactions, was heading AZB’s Capital Markets team in Delhi, which is now headed by Madhurima Mukherjee.

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