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Allahabad HC records disposal of 33,512 cases during restricted functioning amid COVID-19

Of these 2,436 and 4,454 cases were decided via video conferencing at the Allahabad and Lucknow Benches of the High Court, respectively.

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The Allahabad High Court has disposed of 26,458 cases through its principal Bench and 7,054 cases through its Lucknow Bench during its restricted functioning amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Court had commenced physical hearings following and order dated June 6. However, physical hearings were later suspended at the Lucknow Bench in view of a COVID-19 spike in the city.

During the period of its restricted functioning amid the pandemic lockdown, it is now revealed that:

  • 83,783 cases have been taken up for hearing in the High Court at Allahabad. 26,458 cases were decided of which 2,436 were decided via Video Conferencing.

  • In the Lucknow Bench of the High Court, 43,213 cases have been taken up for hearing. 7,054 cases were decided of which 4,454 were decided via Video Conferencing.

  • In the courts Subordinate to the High Court, 42,64,119 cases/applications have been taken up for hearing. 4,16,677 were decided of which 1,17,698 were disposed of through Virtual Courts. 3,42,229 cases/applications relating to under-trial prisoners have been disposed of.

Under the aegis of Chief Justice Govind Mathur, 97 judges are functioning at the High Court which has remained functioning throughout the pandemic.

During the pandemic period, the High Court had also introduced the following precautionary measures:

  • Video conference hearings continue. However, the parties and counsel now have an option to appear physically as well.

  • Entry points, including all major and minor ones, in the High Court premises at Allahabad have been limited from approximately 28 to 2.

  • The system of entry in the High Court with manual passes has been done away with during the pandemic period. Entry is permitted only through only e-passes.

  • Serious attempts are being made to ensure that every possible measure is adopted for maintaining social distancing in the High Court premises.

  • The sittings in the Courts are arranged in such a way that every alternate Courtroom is kept vacant for the counsel awaiting their case hearing, while ensuring minimalistic crowding in the corridors.

  • There are a number of foot-operated sanitizer dispensation machines, automatic sanitizer dispensation and thermal checkpoints which are functional all across the building.

  • To avoid any mass congregation inside the High Court premises, the Advocates’ chambers have been closed and so have been the Bar Association and Advocates’ Association Halls since March 2020.

  • The canteens of the Advocates and those of the staff have also been shut down, till further orders to avoid gathering spots inside the premises.

  • Separate counters for filing of fresh matters have been set up in order to ensure that the sanitization of each and every record is carried out with the help of sanitization cabinets before they are placed before the Courts for hearing.

  • Face Shields, masks, gloves, sanitizers etc. are made available in abundance for all in the establishment of the institution.

  • Dedicated separate COVID-19 testing camps have been set up at both Prayagraj and Lucknow for the regular check-up of the staff so as to ensure the risk of COVID-19 spread is minimised through the regularly functioning staff in Court.

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