Mighty Margins: An exhibition by Ashoka Law for All initiative

The exhibition aims to celebrate the resilience, defiance, solidarity, and tenacity of the marginalised communities. Find details below!
Mighty Margins
Mighty Margins

Ashoka Law for All Initiative has organised an exhibition, "Mighty Margins" which will be held on 4 November, 2022 between 6 pm and 10 pm at the Bangalore International Centre.

Exhibition Note

Kuch is andaz se sayyad ne azaad kiya, Jo chale chhut ke qafas se, Wo giraftar chale”

- Mubarak Azimabadi [Translation: Captor has set them free in such a way; that they flew out of the cage but are hostages still].

Different forms of artistic expression have played a cardinal role in social movements against inequality, oppression, and injustice, all throughout history.

These art forms have lent social justice movements much-needed traction, thereby promoting, informing, and shaping social change. Be it the renaissance movement, Women’s Rights Movement, Black Lives Matter Movement, Queer Art Movement, or even the Swadeshi movement. These artworks not only document the grim realities of systemic oppression but offer scope into the agony of lived experiences.

There is beauty in their candid vulnerabilities yet stern defiance against historic systemic oppression that has cost their communities-the right to life, including the right to live with dignity.

This exhibition attempts to showcase artworks from artists that let us in on these very experiences. These artworks speak to horrors of marginalization on the basis gender, caste, disability, and identity, and offer an alternative where the future doesn’t have to be unjust.

The exhibition aims to celebrate the resilience, defiance, solidarity, and tenacity of the marginalised communities.

Social innovations in the law and justice space are not monolithic. In fact, many movement leaders in this sector have always expressed through art their craft of addressing larger social issues leading to systemic and mindset shift. This event is an attempt to capture a glimpse of a complex, yet remarkable movement led by communities.

Event Details

When: November 4, 2022 | 1800 hrs to 2200 hrs

Where: Bangalore International Centre

Curated by Meghana Parik

Artists: Ajinkya Dekhane, Katayoun Karami, Jose, Pen Pencil Draw, Siddhesh Gautam, Shrujana Shridhar, Sonaksha Iyengar, Veer Munshi

Organisations: Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust (SAHMAT), Justicemakers by Agami x Alipore Post, Acode by Digital Empowerment Foundation

Projection Art by Mantis Shrimp

Session: In Conversation with Siddhesh Gautam (@bakeryprasad) and Nikita Sonavane, Founder, Criminal Justice, and Police Accountability Project

Invite Design by Madhuvanthi Mohan.

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