Symbiosis Law School, Pune wins 18th KK Luthra Memorial Moot Court Competition

The winning team comprised of Sonal Jain, Anoushka Das and Vibhor Chandra.
Symbiosis Law School, Pune wins 18th KK Luthra Memorial Moot Court Competition

Symbiosis Law School, Pune emerged as the winners of the 18th K.K. Luthra Memorial Moot Court Competition, 2022 which was organized by Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, the University of Delhi virtually from March 7 to March 13.

The final round of the competition was judged by an esteemed panel comprising Hon’ble Mr. Justice Najmi Waziri, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Yashwant Varma, and Hon’ble Mr. Justice Subramonium Prasad.

The Symbiosis Law School, Pune team was represented by Sonal Jain, Anoushka Das and Vibhor Chandra. The Team shared that the moot problem, on the face of it, seemed like a straight cut murder case.

However, upon tackling it from a legal standpoint, they came to realise the intricacies of the issues. The moot compromis was based off the murder of Lionel, who was murdered after a night out with his friend Cristo. The case revolved around the last seen theory.

While Conversing with the team, Vibhor Chandra exclaimed, “The 18th KK Luthra Memorial Moot Court Competition is the most prestigious Criminal Law Moot in India. It was a great journey preparing for this moot. It required us to understand not only the principles but the exact practice of law. The problem was beautifully drafted for us to explore every angle of the law. The competition got even more thrilling during the oral pleadings where a panel of esteemed judges not only questioned our understanding of the law but also our application of the facts which made the experience very similar to a real time simulation of a criminal litigation. It was indeed an honour preparing with my team that finally took us to the finals of the competition where the experience was surreal.”

Anoushka Das added, “We had dedicated the better part of the past 6 months to this competition, and this moot has changed the way we look at the criminal justice system. Even a fictional problem like the one we had to deal with for the moot brought forth those issues in criminal law which in effect stand in the way of true justice. Starting from those brainstorming phase during the preparation of the memorial, to hearing the speakers defend our stance before High Court Judges, this moot has been a roller coaster ride of a journey, and I am honoured to have been a part of the team.”

Sonal Jain exclaimed, “The proposition presented a multitude of challenges, and every time we read the proposition again, we found different aspects to it. The exercise of noting down every angle whenever we read the proposition proved to be very fruitful for us. Overall, I was deeply honoured to plead in the finals in front of such esteemed judges and this is one such experience that I will always cherish”.

This note was shared by Campus Ambassador Jahnavi Seethamraju.

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