Prof Vijayakumar
Prof Vijayakumar

“National law schools need to think what they can do for the community”, NLIU Vice-Chancellor V Vijayakumar [Part II]

Aditya AK

In Part II of this interview with Bar & Bench, NLIU Bhopal Vice-Chancellor Prof V Vijayakumar talks about the fake degree scandal at the University, recent initiatives of the CLAT Consortium, how NLUs can contribute to society, and more.

Prof Vijayakumar took over as Vice-Chancellor of NLIU Bhopal at a difficult time for the University, shortly after students demanded the ouster of its former head, Prof SS Singh.

The first issue Prof Vijayakumar had to address was that pertaining to the Examination Section’s manipulation of exam results. The Justice Gohil Committee, formed to look into these allegations, had found that NLIU staffers manipulated marks and helped students get fake degrees from 1998 to 2013. The committee found that a total of 188 students were given degrees under these circumstances.

Speaking about his plan to address the “fake degree” scandal the new VC says,

“Having had the experience of being Registrar of NLSIU for three years, I had the opportunity to manage things at a law school. I have fixed many loopholes at NLIU, whether they pertain to accounting or management of people. As I had done a lot of examination-related work earlier, I sorted out those issues as well. Now, no one can question our independence and ability to maintain confidentiality.

"When I came to Bhopal, I found that the mode employed by the examination committee was unpardonable. For example, if a student secures 49.5 in a subject, it is for the examination section to modify it to 50. Neither the teachers nor the people working in the examination section understood the implications of the grading system. So, people who got 45 and 49 marks were all graded together. You are not going to lose anything by giving 4 grace marks, but the method they followed was not good."

Prof Vijayakumar

"The people working in the examination section saw this and got the courage to do anything they wanted to. Therefore, there were about 35-36 candidates who did not deserve the result they got. That is when the Justice Gohil Committee came into the picture.

We have gone through the details and put together as much material as possible. Finally, the General Council gave some orders which we followed. The next General Council has to announce the result. Some people who wrote the special exam have failed; we need to find a solution for them.”

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