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Supreme Court Chambers

Supreme Court Registry closed for sanitization, sources suggest staff members tested positive for COVID-19

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As the capital sees an upsurge of COVID-19 cases, Section 1B of the Supreme Court Registry remained inaccessible to lawyers on Tuesday.

Though Supreme Court officials maintain that the section has been closed for the purpose of fumigation as part of the routine sanitization process, sources suggest that some employees of the Registry have tested positive for COVID-19.

Different parts of the premises are closed down for fumigation on different days as the entire premises cannot be sanitized at one go, an official elaborated. Today, the block where the Registry is housed had to be fumigated, and therefore, the Registry may be temporarily closed for sanitization.

However, sources have suggested that Coronavirus cases have emerged from the Registry, with an employee testing positive. This is, however, not the first COVID-19 case that has been detected in the Supreme Court.

As per information from the official, the Supreme Court, which has over 3,000 staff members, has seen a few COVID-19 cases over the past couple of months and that "many employees" who came in touch with positive patients were detected in contact tracing.

"In any such scenario, when we know about contact tracing leading to Supreme Court, the employees leave for 14 day home quarantine. The Court will close down next week not for vacation purposes, but to fumigate and sanitize entire premises."
Source close to the development

Earlier, a Section IV employee of the Registry had tested positive, making it the first case of Coronavirus at the Apex Court.

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