Bangalore lawyers in the news once again Confrontation between advocates media personnel and police leaves at least one in critical condition

Barely a month after lawyers paralysed Bangalore city,they find themselves in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons once again. This time, the advocates have been involved in a physical altercation


vipul Shah

March 9, 2012 - 1:03pm

Print and visual media are new generation goondas and extortionist. You don't agree or bow down anD they will not leave a single Stone unturned to malign your image. Police n politicians are part ofTheir team members and hence one should not expect any support From them. We all know that half of print n visual media Are owned or feeded by one large political party. Its high timeTo show these team of thugs the strenght of lawyers. I beleiev Barring this team, only lawyers are capable to give a fitting answer To these bunch of goondas. Aam admi suffers extortion from printMedia but is always helpless. We, the lawyers fraternity will have fight For justice of the citizens. Indian media is in very bad shape And neeeds some corrective medicines. We Should start a national levelAgitiation against these bunch of jokers.



March 6, 2012 - 11:51am

though I was not present I came to know that after the matter was resolved the commissioner and Bidri planned to lathi charge and itis evident in the video shown wherein the police are breaking the car windows and also burning the motorcycles off lawyers were is question of lawyers attacking teh media the media is not showing any restraint and trying to show only one side and not bringing the truth as they know that if you show a donkey and tel lit is horse 100 times people will believe it is a horse the commissioner and the DIG to support there mentor yediurrappa has got the attact we welcome any probe.



March 5, 2012 - 10:32am

Police were the real goons...lot of innocent advocates were beaten up. Lady advocates were used filthy languages and were canned as well. they have not even spared judges...Shame on police to state that lawyers have torched the vehicles. our fellow advocates have posted some videos on the incident on Youtube. Pls check and be known yourself..



March 5, 2012 - 6:35am

all three Media,Police and Advocates are important system of society and surely not all of them but some mischievous persons are responsible for this shameful event and of course a judicial inquiry is required to signify them.

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