Bithika Anand and V Lakshmikumaran
Bithika Anand and V Lakshmikumaran 

Soulful Conversations with Bithika Anand: Founder and Managing Partner of Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan V Lakshmikumaran

Bar & Bench

In a new episode of Soulful Conversations with Bithika Anand, the host speaks to Founder and Managing Partner of Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan V Lakshmikumaran.

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The new show hosted by Bithika Anand features stalwarts of the legal profession and makes an attempt to explore the person behind the lawyer.

In the show's newest episode, Lakshmikumaran speaks of what drives him, his approach to life, his motivations, people who inspired him, and his views of spirituality.

Discussing his inspiration, he shared that what drove him was his passion for the law and that knowledge is meant to be shared. He further said that his contribution was to encourage young lawyers in blossoming. 

We are committed to ensure that those faceless lawyers coming from various law schools in India, how we can make them outstanding lawyers. Whether they ultimately leave and start their own, it makes no difference”, he said. 

He also disclosed that he loved technology and operated in a space where it intersected with the law. 

Further, Lakshmikumaran shared that he ran marathons and running helped him a lot. 

If you have an aim in life that your happiness lies in the happiness of others, then life is beautiful”, he added. 

Explaining what motivates him in life, he said that it was love from passion and not love for money. 

Former Attorney General K Parasaran was his personal inspiration and role model, Lakshmikumaran also shared. 

Discussing his hobbies, he said he loved classical music, was a voracious reader, doing yoga and chanting mantras

Suffice to say, there is a force and I believe in that and as far as I am concerned, I must do my job the best way and leave the results to God. Many times human beings feel bad if they fail, but if you offer both to God, you become weightless - there is no burden on you”, he elaborated on his views on spirituality. 

The new show hosted by Bithika Anand will see eminent lawyers talking about transformative moments in their lives, their spiritual journey and insights that became clear only later on.

In a series of candid conversations, Anand will attempt to bring out the true selves of the guests in terms of depth of thought, and will explore their lighter sides, including their choices in entertainment, lifestyle, hobbies and interests.

Season One of the show has been shot virtually and will air exclusively on Bar & Bench's YouTube channel. Fresh episodes of Soulful Conversations with Bithika Anand will be aired every Friday.

Hosted By: Bithika Anand, Founder & CEO, Legal League Consulting and Human Elevation

Exclusive Telecast Partners: Bar & Bench

Conceptualised By: Legal League Consulting

Core Team: Nipun K Bhatiaa, Tejas Khurana and Kashish Grover from Legal League Consulting.

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