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6Q Survey: Law Schools and Dress codes (Tell the BCI what you think!)

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An awful lot has been said, and written, about an incident which took place last week at the National Law School of India University in Bangalore. The resultant press coverage, and the rather odd response by the vice chancellor, has generated much debate.

The Bar Council of India, the regulators of this country’s legal education, have also entered the fray. It turns out that in October last year, the BCI had passed a resolution [jpg] asking all law universities colleges to “decide in respect of dress code what is feasible befitting the profession in this regard”.

It is unclear as to how the universities responded to this resolution, if at all.

Nonetheless, the regulator is scheduled to have another meeting on April 17 over this issue.

Within this debate though, as is often the case, the voice of the law student may not have been heard.

Hence, this edition of the 6-question survey.

Take the survey. Be heard.