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Call for Articles: Harvard US-India Initiative

Shreya V

The Harvard US-India Initiative Blog is not only a platform  to meaningfully engage with the key challenges that India today confronts, but also for discussing, interrogating and throwing into sharp focus the first principles and underlying assumptions that shape public discourse on these issues in India.

The blog is now seeking submissions; these submissions may deal with any issue that is of contemporary relevance to India.

Articles that have been published on the Blog in the past grapple with a diverse set of issues, from censorship of speech to Bihar’s 2015 election; from the development-environment dichotomy to the need to create an entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Articles should typically not exceed 1,000 words.

The authors of top 3 articles will be recognized and appropriately awarded during the closing ceremony at the HUII Conference in Mumbai on 7th and 8th January next year.

Articles, along with a brief description of the author’s educational background, must be submitted to to

More details in the brochure below.