Call for Blogs: Opportunities by MMERAK Shaping Careers (Rolling Submissions)

MMERAK aims to train students from across the country to equip them with necessary skills to conquer the corporate world.
Call for Blogs: Opportunities by MMERAK Shaping Careers (Rolling Submissions)

MMERAK is designed to address the need for skill training and hands-on training in the field of legal education in India. This is the first full-fledged online and offline institute that will cater to all students across India.

Taking advantage of the change in the global education system, MMERAK offers training programs in skills training, business training, and other legal knowledge that is within every individual's reach.

We are here to give the students & learners the best fusion of soft skills and pre-placement training along with constant and clear guidance for various law-related competitive examinations, such as Odisha Judicial Services (OJS) Examination, Assistant Public Prosecutor (APP) Examination, and Common Law Admission Test (CLAT).

We at MMERAK are dedicated to provide the aspirants with a perfect blend of high-quality content, and guidance, curating a perfect recipe for success.

Call for Blogs

We aim to provide a comprehensive platform for all students (including students from non-law background), academicians, scholars, lawyers, and other professionals, to enrich and enable their knowledge in a wide variety of fields.

We are looking for research article and innovative blogs on these following topics:

1. International law.

2. Criminal law.

3. Arbitration

4. Intellectual Property Rights

5. Artificial Intelligence

6. Law and Literature

7. Family law & rights

8. Civil rights

9. Constitutional law

10. Child abuse

We accept submissions on a rolling basis fortnightly. An online copy of the publication certificate is available to the authors whose blogs will be published on our website along with gift vouchers for our top entries.

Submissions must be the original work of the authors and must not be published elsewhere or sent for publication.

There shall be no publication or registration fees.

Instruction for Submission

File Format: It is strictly required that the blog entries be written in English and in electronic form only. Entries must be submitted in .doc or .docx format only.

Word Limit: There should not be more than 1000 words (excluding endnotes) in the submission; however the limit maybe relaxed to 1500 words, solely at the discretion of Editor.

Presentation: Submissions are to be made in Times New Roman font, font size-12, heading- 14, Bold, Underline and line spacing- 1.5.

Citations must be included in the form of hyperlinking to the reliable internet sources in the main text itself. Endnotes must be used only for sources that are not available online. Endnotes must be in font size-10 and line spacing-1. Submissions must not contain footnotes.

Other Details

  • Submissions that are plagiarised to a level of over 15% will not be accepted.

  • Multiple submissions from one author will not be allowed.

  • We will post the submissions on our Website after they are selected and approved by our Editor.

  • For the sake of anonymity, do not include your name or the name of your institution in the body of your blog. The blog file must be named "(BLOG NAME) (NAME of AUTHOR)". Failure to comply with this rule will result in your blog being disqualified.

Submission guidelines

Submissions shall be mailed to with the subject line "Blog Post". The mail accompanying the application should contain the following information about the author:

  • Name

  • E-mail-id

  • Contact number

  • Co-authors of up to two authors are allowed, in which case, the above data for both authors must be included in the accompanying mail.

No responses received within 10 days from submission should be deemed to have been rejected.

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