Call for Papers: Lucknow University's Seminar on Cyber Crime Issues & Challenges

The seminar is being organised by the Lucknow University Moot Court Association, Faculty of Law
Call for Papers: Lucknow University's Seminar on Cyber Crime Issues & Challenges
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We live in a world where we can safely say that our existence is two-fold, with rampant advancement in the field of technology and rapid digitalization, a lot of our physical existence has been intermingled with virtual aspects imprinted in the digital world.

With increasing online activities and dependency comes the concern of security and infringement of rights that occur in cyberspace and hence it becomes an important matter that requires serious deliberation.

The Lucknow University Moot Court Association, Faculty of Law, University of Lucknow Presents a National Seminar on Cyber Crime In The Globalised Era: Issues and Challenges. The seminar is to be conducted on 7th March 2021 in the Faculty of Law, University of Lucknow.


The Faculty of Law, University of Lucknow has been a pioneer legal institution of India. It was established in 1921. It’s real architect was Prof. R.U. Singh. He held the office of Dean, Faculty of Law till 1956.

Dr. V.N. Shukla, well known authority of Constitutional Law was the first LL.M. of the University. Other distinguished alumni include Dr. Shanker Dayal Sharma, Former President of India, Dr. Avtar Singh, the well known authority of Contract Law, Dr. A.T. Markos who held the office of Director, Indian Law Institute and many more.

The Faculty has been actively organising Seminars, Conferences, Moots and Work-shops for exchange of legal ideas on Regional and National Level. Many legal luminaries have been Chief Guests at the faculty events. State Law Minister, Mr. Brijesh Pathak re-cently inaugurated the 7th Inter-Semester Moot Court Competition of the Faculty.


In technically driven society, people use various devices to make life simple. Internet connects people globally across the world easily and economically. There is a school of thought that believes a computer has been used as a medium or instrument for commission of cyber crimes like trespass, larceny or conspiracy. Whereas, the other school gives much credence to the unique nature of the emerging technologies and unique set of challenges, unknown to the existing criminal jurisprudence; such as nature and scope of cyber-crimes, intention and difficulty in locating the offender, jurisdiction and enforcement etc.

Cyber crimes are hazardous against different organizations and people who are connected via internet technology. It is a significant challenge to society and can be particu-larly harmful to the individuals.

The objective of the seminar is to disseminate knowledge, create awareness about different forms of cyber crimes in the 21st century and the understanding of the cyber laws, issues and challenges of cyber crimes.

The conclusions drawn from the seminar would facilitate the organisers, participants and other stakeholders in making legislature and policy interventions to bring about positive transformation in both social and legal sphere.


Researchers, Academicians, Professionals are invited to contribute research paper on the following topics:

• Cyber Space : National & International Perspective.

• Domain Name Dispute in Cyber Space.

• Cyber Crime Investigation, Evidence & Cyber Forensics.

• Cyber Crime under Information Technology Act, 2002.

• Cyber Extremism and Radicalization.

• Role of the UN for preserving peace and security in cyber space.

• Privacy in cyber space.

• Crime against the government in the cyber world.

• Jurisdiction issue of Cyber Crime on National and International Level.

• Cyber Defamation.

• Cyber Crime against women.

• Cyber Crime under other provisions of Indian laws.

• Criminal trial on social media.

• Copyright protection on social media.

• Cyber crime and Right to Freedom of Expression on social media.

• Cyber Security.


• For academicians/professionals/teachers/other delegates – Rs. 750

• Research scholars – Rs. 500

• For U.G. and P.G. students – Rs. 350

• No accommodation will be provided by the organising committee.


• Google pay/ Paytm/ BHIM/ PhonePe on 8181838340 (Nishant Veer Singh)


Account No. - 918181838340

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Student Convenors

· Swati Singh +91 7459902222

· Nishant Veer Singh +91 8181838340

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