Call for Posts: The Human Rights Society blog, JGLS (Rolling Submissions)

Call for Posts: The Human Rights Society blog, JGLS (Rolling Submissions)
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The Human Rights Society (HRS) aims to work towards enabling a more equitable, just, and fair environment within and outside the university. At HRS, we believe that it is essential to engage in socio-political work.

About the Blog

The HRS Blog is a student-edited Blog that aims to initiate discussion on social forums that will help us in moving a step towards the development of substantive equality. We have established a space where students, academicians as well as practitioners of law can voice and share their informed opinions about human rights and its violations.

This initiative has been established under the guidance of our exemplary Advisory Board comprising Professor Ajita Sharma, Peter John and Rachana Mudraboyina.

The HRS welcomes submissions for case commentaries, issue briefs, research articles, opinion pieces, fictional narratives and book/film reviews to engage in dialogue over vital issues pertaining to peace, conflict and human rights crisis across the world.

It is to be noted that the categories are not exhaustive in nature. We invite submissions under the broad purview of human rights, its violations and related issues. However, it is advised that the submissions comprise a legal review of the subject matter.

For submission guidelines, our publication process and more insight on our Blog, kindly visit the Human Rights Society Blog, JGLS, linked below:-

Feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries on

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