Call for Submissions: Jindal Digest for Competition and Innovation Laws (Rolling Submissions)

JDCIL aims to fill in a critical lacuna by providing accessible yet quality-driven literature focusing on the rapid legal developments in this sphere.


The Jindal Digest for Competition and Innovation Laws is a student-edited, interdisciplinary, legal blog which aims to provide an expansive view of the contemporary developments in antitrust, intellectual property and technology laws. Through this forum, the platform aims to fill in a critical lacuna by providing accessible yet quality-driven literature focusing on the rapid legal developments in this sphere.

JDCIL accepts original and unpublished contributions on a rolling basis throughout the year.

We welcome original submissions from students, academics, practitioners, and policy makers that provide contemporary and novel perspectives on Competition law, Technology law and Intellectual Property law. All pieces that directly cover these laws, or in some part intersect with these laws, will be considered for publication.

We encourage submissions pertaining to an intersection between two of the three above-mentioned fields of law.

Submission Guidelines

1) The JDCIL blog accepts original submissions on a rolling basis pertaining to Competition Law, Technology Law, and Intellectual Property Rights.

2) Submissions must be made in a Microsoft Word doc format, written in English, be clear and concise.

3) Submissions may be in the form of:

a) an article of 1250-1500 words.

Note: An article submission will be considered for submission only if it consists of a primary thesis/argument. Any submission that is wholly descriptive and lacking in any novel argument will be ineligible for publication.

b) a book review of up to 750 words.

c) a note (1000 words); or

d) a case review and summary of up to 1000 words.

Note: A book review, note or case review must be on a topic or issue that has contemporary relevance in relation to the subject matter(s) that this platform deals with. Any submission that relates to well-settled principles of law which have not seen any recent jurisprudential developments shall be ineligible for publication.

4) Pieces can also be published as multi-part series if the content of the submission justifies the same.

5) Submissions must adhere to the following formatting requirements

a) Font size 12-point, single spaced.

b) Wherever statutes, case laws, academic works, or any other sources are being used, in-text hyperlinks must be provided.

c) Citations must be endnotes, not footnotes. Citation must be in a common and consistent style.

d) Title can consist of no more than 12 words.

6) Co-authorship is permitted up to a maximum of two people.

7) All work shared on the JDCIL blog may be cross-posted, subject to the condition that this includes an acknowledgement that JDCIL originally published the piece (in submitting a post, authors are agreeing to this).

8) All submissions must contain at least five relevant keywords, to be listed separately at the end of the submission document.

9) Any students' contributions will only be considered if submitted via this form. Please do not share contributions via email.

10) The editorial team will respond to all applicants within 7-days.

They will respond to you within 2-3 days! Your mail must mention your name, University (if any) and designation (student, professor, etc) for us to respond accordingly.


By virtue of their submission, the authors confirm that their work is original, and that it has not been copied or plagiarized from other works. The author must disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interests with regard to the subject matter of their contribution.

The Editors of the Blog, reserve the absolute discretion in determining whether the contribution is accepted or requires to be revised before being published. The authors must include the suggested revisions if their contribution is to be published. The discretion to provide feedback is retained by the editors based on the volume of contributions.

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