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Call for Papers: Alexis Foundation Book Series (Submit by September 15)

Shreya V

The Alexis Foundation is currently accepting papers for publication in a book series on the following themes:

  1. War, Terrorism and National Security
  2. Interlinking Law, Governance & Political Philosophy
  3. Aspects of Criminal law and Social Control in India
  4. Constitutional Law as the broader theme, paired up with international regime and gender studies
  5. Interdisciplinary topics on law with a focus on human rights, international relations and trade
  6. Unraveling commercial law and information technology with its associated international aspects and strategies
  7. Legitimacy of the Unborn: Issues and Challenges
  8. A generic overview of pressing and pertinent contemporary issues
  9. Contemporary issues in International Law
  10. Reflections on political and legal contemporary issues

Co-authorship shall be permitted, with no bar on the number of co-authors. The length can range between 3,000-7,500 words exclusive of Footnotes and References.

An abstract should be provided, explaining the aims and motives of the paper (300-750 words).

A soft copy of the research paper must be uploaded on research portal – by September 15, 2016.

For more details visit the Alexis website or write to