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Call for Sponsorship: NLSIU’s Legal Services Clinic is looking for translators/sponsors

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The Legal Services Clinic (LSC) at National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore is looking for sponsors and translators to help with the translation of their handbook titled Frequently Asked Questions on Law.

The LSC provides free legal aid to the socially and economically backward sections of society, who may often face difficulty in accessing the system.

In 2014, the LSC released the handbook, which sought to simplify eleven basic areas of law such as civil procedure, right to information, right to education, amongst others, which affect people’s daily lives. These legal areas have been distilled into a question-answer form, for easy understanding.

It had received widespread acclaim, both from the media, as well as from Supreme Court Judges. In the same year, the LSC was awarded the second prize in the prestigious the MacJannet Award from the Tallories Network for community engagement.

This year, the committee has edited the handbook so as to reflect the changes in the law since its release three years ago. The committee also intends to get this handbook translated into Kannada in order to reach out to the local community as well as lawyers in district courts, who are the most in need of such a publication.

Both the versions of the handbook, English and Kannada, are meant for distribution to public libraries as well as libraries of courts across the country. The previous edition of the handbook can be found here.

However, being a pro bono committee, the Legal Services Clinic does not have the requisite funds to undertake the translation process, and is thus seeking either sponsors or translators willing to help out. As a bonus, any funds given as sponsorship would also be tax deductible given that we are an educational institution. Any assistance would go a long way in making laws more accessible and understandable.

In case of any queries, or for more information, send an email at

You can also read more about the Legal Services Clinic here or on their Facebook page.

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