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Cracking the next CLAT on May 15 2011
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Cracking the next CLAT on May 15 2011

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The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), from 2011 onwards plans to focus its approach more on the aptitude and reasoning skills of a candidate with more weightage to current affairs than general knowledge. The next CLAT will be held on May 15, 2011.

M.P. Singh Vice-Chancellor, West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences Kolkata, told Times of India, “We want to test student’s knowledge on current affairs, than just on some standard facts and figures. There might be exclusion of legal knowledge as sections like legal aptitude, critical and logical reasoning will be given prominence. However, the question paper components will remain similar to that of last year, except that certain sections will be stressed upon”.

Singh added on to say, “The components are: English, general knowledge, legal law, logical reasoning and maths. Instead of legal law, focus will be on legal aptitude. Maths will be basic Class 10 level. We want to judge the student’s analytical ability and not knowledge alone. The two-hour question paper will have 200 questions. CLAT scores are used for admissions to 11 national law schools across the country. Non-law schools can use CLAT scores after obtaining due permission from the CLAT Committee. The Committee wants the test to be scientifically administered. The objective is to create a centre for excellence”.

Forms will be made available at post offices across the country. The CLAT Committee has decided to reach out to more student’s and cover farfetched locations by using the post office for distribution of its brochure and application forms.

M.P. Singh said, “Banks used to do this before. Comparatively, post offices are easily accessible. We want to reach out to more people”.

The CLAT Committee is still deciding on whether or not to add the transgender category in its application forms. The 2011 CLAT application form will seek out to get a candidates information on family income, if he/she has undergone coaching, if the candidate’s parents speak English, if the parents are in the legal profession etc.

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