In conversation with Dr. DK Bandyopadhyay, Amity Law School

Dr. Bandyopadhyay is the Chairman of Amity Law School
In conversation with Dr. DK Bandyopadhyay, Amity Law School

Dr. Dilip K. Bandyopadhyay is the Chairman of Amity Law School, and a noted academician and educationalist. In this interview conducted by our Campus Ambassador Vishal Sharma, Dr. Bandyopadhyay discusses the changing nature of legal education, his own passion for the law, and a lot more.

How has Amity Law School adapted to the Covid pandemic?

As the Nation is passing through an unprecedented time and facing the mass challenge of global crisis of COVID-19, we as academic leaders at Amity Law School are committed to provide unbroken and uninterrupted guidance to our student fraternity and inspire them to make productive and constructive use of this period.

Our learned faculty colleagues are instructing and imparting lectures via remote online teaching learning pedagogy adopting the Learning Management Systems (LMS) of the University.

We are using Microsoft Teams to conduct our classes and the IT Team is ardently extending full support to channelize the classes of faculties through this remote teaching.

Our online lectures are documented, recorded and uploaded on the server, with complete access of the study material to the students.

The virtual presence of the students as attendees or presenters in these sessions is also being monitored by downloading attendance records and maintaining them on Amizone.. Our Law school has adapted to this mode very efficiently and effectively. We ensure to enrich the students with embellished legal education with grit in this pandemic with the same zeal and fervor.

What do you enjoy most about teaching law?

The art of teaching is an art of assisting Discovery”....

Law Teaching is a creative art and it emerges from one's inward understanding and intellect. Passion for teaching is deep seated and innate and it gets inculcated from childhood.

In this Globalised world where we have a vibrant and multidimensional environment, the role of the teacher has become multifaceted and multitasked.

I have always enjoyed teaching with full engagement, commitment and dedication with the aim to dispel the clouds of ignorance from the minds of my students and lighting the spark of knowledge in them. I enjoy engaging with the students, motivating them at every juncture and triggering them to voice their opinions.

Since Law is an instrument of social change I aspire my students to reach the pinnacles of success by having sound knowledge of the subject of law, understanding of society and a geo political environment coupled with confidence and good oratory skills.

Who was the one law teacher who has had the greatest influence on you?

Revisiting my remembrances down the lane I am reminded that I was fortunate to get a great company of learning in the congregation of Late Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon, a legendary icon of legal education.

The interactions during his Directorship days at National Judicial Academy, Bhopal on Constitutional Laws are still alive and fresh in my memories.

He never hesitated to debate, contest, argue and engage.

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The nuances of Constitutional Law and debates over the constitutional provisions that I have learned from him have deepened my learning and broadened the scope of interpretations.

Why do you think one should study law?

With the change of technology the whole mother planet has become a global village cutting across the geographical boundaries. Under these types of circumstances Legal Education has a very pivotal role to play whether in the National Dispute Resolution of all types or the Cross Border dispute resolution.

The new generation of politics backed with strong legal knowledge, the corporate honchos bundled with strong legal background, established Law Firms, Civil Servants with strong legal understanding ,the young budding advocates and Judges, all of them would be immensely needed in times to come in the emerging world.

In this context, legal education is going to be elevated in leaps and bounds. Knowledge of Law provides students with an invigorating experience and stimulating exposure.

It promotes multidisciplinary analysis of socio-legal problems by designing its course structure and teaching methodology to realize its objectives.

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