Fourth GMU Academy on Admiralty Law 2022 [19 Dec – 24 Dec]

The objective will be to make the participants aware of the present legal regime related to Admiralty Law.
Gujarat Maritime University
Gujarat Maritime University

GMU is an endeavour by Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB), the state regulator for ports and maritime activities in Gujarat. The University has been conceived by visionaries to address the burgeoning need for a skilled workforce in the ever-changing dynamics of the maritime sector.

The University commenced its academic journey in 2019 with the establishment of its first School – School of Maritime Law, Policy & Administration (SMLPA), which offers LL.M and Post Graduate Diploma programmes in Maritime Law and International Trade Law.

In pursuit of creating an institution of global standards, GMU has collaborated with internationally prominent institutions like Erasmus University and STC International. Many more such alliances shall be forged in time to come.

About the GMU Academy on Admiralty Law

Admiralty Law has evolved throughout the years from colonial times and is now considered a broad subject of law. The origins of Admiralty Law may be attributed to British Laws on a variety of topics, including marine insurance, carriage of goods by sea, contracts for the sale and construction of ships, ship financing, ship mortgages, etc. 

Academy on Admiralty Law aims to generate awareness about the current legal regime related to Admiralty Law. A wide range of topics, including Ship arrest, in rem and in personam jurisdiction, issues of maritime liens, the role of P& I club during ship arrest, etc.  Sessions will be taken by some of the leading Maritime Law experts from both India and abroad.

GMU has successfully organised three editions of the Academy to date. The first two editions of GMU Academy were on Maritime Labour Law and the third edition was related to Oceans Law and Policy. Encouraged by the overwhelming success of these editions, GMU is now pleased to present before you the fourth edition of the Academy relating to Admiralty Law. GMU Academy on Admiralty Law is scheduled to be organized virtually from 19 December 2022 to 24 December 2022.

Significance of the Course

GMU Academy will contribute to the goals of expanding knowledge and having a positive impact on society. The objective will be to make the participants aware of the present legal regime related to Admiralty Law. The course will equip participants with knowledge of contemporary and advanced issues related to Admiralty Law. The event would be ideal for students and professionals aiming to be specialists in the shipping and maritime sector. The event is designed for anyone interested in knowing about the present legal regime related to Admiralty Law and the complications involved in it.

Course Content (Session, topic and resource person)

1. History of Admiralty Law globally and in India (19 December 2022 05:30 PM - 07:00 PM IST)

Prof Proshanto K Mukherjee,

Dalian Maritime University

He is the former Vice President  Research, Director of Doctoral Programmes and ITF Professor at WMU. He is an Honorary Research Fellow of Swansea University (SU). He spent 16 years in a seafaring career culminating as a Master before entering legal studies and the legal profession.

2. Background to Admiralty Act 2017 and the list of Maritime Claims (20 December 2022 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM IST)

Adv VM Syam Kumar

Maritime Lawyer,

Kerala High Court

He has appeared in many high-profile maritime litigations including Enrica Lexie shooting incident involving Italian Marines of the Indian Coast. He has more than 25 years of experience in litigation.

3. Action in personam, Action in rem and Maritime liens & priorities (21 December 2022 04:30 PM - 06:00 PM IST)

Adv Rahul Narichania

Maritime Lawyer, Bombay High Court

He is a Senior Advocate in the Bombay High Court. He recently appeared in a landmark judgement of Bombay High Court, Swedish Club v. V8 Pool Inc.

4. Ship Arrest and P & I Club (22 December 2022 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM IST)

Capt Anuj Velankar

Regional Loss Prevention Director, UK P&I Club.

He is a master mariner with extensive sailing and command experience on oil tankers and other vessels. He has also worked as a superintendent in a technical management company. He is handling the loss prevention and risk management aspects of the local members and provides technical support.

5. Admiralty Law and Arbitration (22 December 2022 05:00 PM - 06:30 PM IST)

Adv Gursharan H Virk,

Counsel and Arbitrator

Mr. Virk is is currently practising in the Supreme Court of India and the  Gujarat High Court. He represents many maritime-related cases in ICC and SIAC.

6. Admiralty Law and Insolvency proceedings (23 December 2022 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM IST)

Adv VK Ramabhadran

Senior Advocate

Bombay High Court

Adv. Ramabhadran is one of the leading Admiralty lawyers. He has been appointed as an amicus curie by the Bombay High Court in various landmark cases including Raj Shipping Agencies Limited v. Barge Madhwa And Anr

7. The implication of Ship Arrest on Seafarers (23 December 2022 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM IST)

To be Confirmed.

8. Advance Workshop on practical issues in Admiralty matters (24 December 2022 03:00 PM – 05:00 PM IST)

Capt Amarinder Singh Brar,

Marine Manager,

MFB Solicitors, London

Capt. Brar is a Master Mariner currently working for the Legal and Insurance sectors of commercial shipping in London. He has nearly 25 years of industry experience.

Participants will be provided with the Certificate of Participation.

Dates of the Event:  19 December 2022 to 24 December 2022

Mode: Online

Platform: Cisco Webex

Fees: ₹590

(Fee is waived for foreign participants)

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Prof. (Dr.) S. Shanthakumar, Director, School of Maritime Law Policy and Administration Gujarat Maritime University.

Event Conveners 

Mohit Gupta, Assistant Professor, School of Maritime Law Policy and Administration, Gujarat Maritime University. 

Event Co-Convener 

Saravanan R, Teaching and Research Assistant, Gujarat Maritime University. 

For any query, mail or call on +91 8056060819.


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