GNLU-GMU Academy on Climate Change, Marine Biodiversity and Sustainable Shipping (ACCMBSS) 2023

The event is designed for anyone interested in knowing about the present scenario of the issues related to climate change in the environmental sector.
Gujarat Maritime University and Gujarat National Law University
Gujarat Maritime University and Gujarat National Law University

The Gujarat Maritime University (GMU) and Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) will be organizing the Academy on Climate Change, Marine Biodiversity and Sustainable Shipping (ACCMBSS) from 13 to 18 March 2023. 


Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and holistic development of the student and staff. It aims to develop a sense of responsibility among the students and research scholars to serve society with the help of the field of law by developing skills concerning advocacy, legal service, legislation, law reforms, and the like. It aims to promote legal knowledge and to make law and the legal process efficient instruments of social development and social justice.

The Centre for Environmental Law, Sustainable Development and Climate Change established by Gujarat National Law University, is taking the initiative to offer study, research, and expert consultation in environmental matters. This Centre aims to provide a platform for study, research, capacity building, and consultation to all the stakeholders, including the grass root people, industries, and administrative authorities.


Gujarat Maritime University (GMU) is an endeavor of the Gujarat Maritime Board, Government of Gujarat, to provide a fillip to the growth in the Maritime Sector by bridging the knowledge gap in the sector. The prime objective of the University is to be a global centre of excellence in Maritime education, research and development, and professional training. It aims to enhance and increase the human capital and capacity of the maritime industry both in India and across the globe. The University has established its Centre for Maritime Environmental Law (CMEL) to foster active research on the contemporary issues of the ever-growing legal field and to promote capacity building. The Centre provides new insights, knowledge transfer, and training by organizing International events such as Conferences, Seminars, Webinars, Capacity building, and training programmes for sector professionals and students.


The evidence is unequivocal that our environment is in unprecedented jeopardy due to human activities. As the global population increases, the environment's health and capacity to support life will only deteriorate. We must take immediate action to safeguard the condition of our climate, especially with regard to the ocean if we wish to solve some of the most important concerns of our time, including the emission of carbon from shipping and declining biodiversity.

The aim of the academy is to make the participants realize the importance of the key topics linked with the global context of climate change. The Academy on Climate Change, Marine Biodiversity, And Sustainable Shipping is scheduled to be organized virtually from 13 – 18 March 2023.


Academy will contribute to the goals of expanding knowledge and having a positive impact on society. The objective of this course is to make the participants aware of the present legal regime and equip them with the knowledge of Contemporary & Advanced issues related to Climate Change, Marine Bio-Diversity and Sustainable shipping. The event is designed for anyone interested in knowing about the present scenario of the issues related to climate change in the environmental sector.


Climate Change

Dr Nilufer Oral, Director at Centre for International Law NUS

Topic: Sea-level Rise and its Impacts on Islands and Offshore Features

Date & Time: 13 March 2023, 14:00 to 15:15 (IST)

Dr Sairam Bhat, Professor of Law, Centre Coordinator, Centre for Environmental Law Education, Research and Advocacy (CEERA), National Law School of India University, Bengaluru

Topic: A primer on agricultural water use law in India

Date & Time: 13 March 2023, 15:30 to 17:00 (IST)

Dr Mrinalini Banerjee, Assistant Professor (Research), Gujarat National Law University

Topic: Climate Refugees with special reference to Sundarban Delta

Date & Time: 14 March 2023, 15:30 to 17:00 (IST)

Dr Randall Abate, Assistant Dean for Environmental Law Studies at The George Washington University Law School.

Topic: The Plight of Climate Refugees: Rising Seas, Melting Ice, and Inadequate Legal Protections.

Date & Time: 14 March 2023, 19:30 to 20:45 (IST)

Marine Biodiversity

Dr Divya Karnad, Co-Founder, InSeason Fish, Co-chair of the Human Dimensions Working Group IUCN SSC Shark Specialist Group (SSG).

Topic: Rethinking Sustainability with special reference to Seafood Consumption

Date & Time: 15 March 2023, 15:30 to 17:00 (IST)

Commander Anand Kumar, Deputy Director at National Maritime Foundation

Topic: International Regime for combating Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing

Date & Time: 15 March 2023, 17:15 to 18:30 (IST)

Sunil Murlidhar Shastri, Consultant, Educator & Speaker, Ocean & Environmental Governance

Topic: Concept of Sustainability

Date & Time: 16 March 2023, 15:00 to 16:30 (IST)

Dr (Cdr) Arnab Das, Founder and Director, Maritime Research Centre.

Topic: Underwater Domain Awareness - “Anthropogenic Noise and its Impact on Marine Species".

Date & Time: 16 March 2023, 17:15 to 18:30 (IST)

Sustainable Shipping

Abhay Singh, Assistant Prof, SMLPA, GMU

Topic: Legal and Environmental impact of 2020 IMO Sulphur regulation

Date & Time: 18 March 2023, 14:00 to 15:15 (IST)

Dr Pierre-Jean Bordahandy, Associate Professor, The University of the south pacific.

Topic: The Reduction of GHG from Commercial Vessels

Date & Time: 18 March 2023, 15:30 to 17:00 (IST)

Participants will be provided with a certificate of participation.

Mode: Online

Platform: Cisco WebEx


For Indian Participants: ₹590

For Foreign Participants: $50

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Prof (Dr) S Shanthakumar, Director, Gujarat National Law University Director, Gujarat Maritime University,


Manthan Desai, Teaching and Research Assistant, Centre for Maritime Environmental Law, Gujarat Maritime University

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