An IDIA can change your life  Apply now for the post of Student Directors  State Chapters and All India Verticals
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An IDIA can change your life Apply now for the post of Student Directors State Chapters and All India Verticals

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The Idea SIM card may or may not have helped you change your life, but the IDIA project definitely is going to help you walk the path you never dared to take before.

Picture this: Ria Shauli, a simple nondescript  18 year-old girl from Basanti, Sunderbans, whose illiterate father owns a small grocery shop stunned everyone when she cracked CLAT this year, as reported by TOI. This is just one example of how this one IDIA has changed lives of many a poor student forever.

Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education (IDIA) has won many a heart and life ever since 14 of the 50 students made it to various National Law Schools. It has received widespread news coverage by leading dailies like The Hindu and Indian Express.

Bar & Bench has covered the entire journey taken by Prof. Basheer of instituting IDIA  till the CLAT results of IDIA kids.

Join IDIA!

And the good news for you – you can be a part of this pan-India student movement aimed at helping the bottom rung students gain entry into the premier National Law Schools of the country!

IDIA is in need of Student Directors for the State Chapters and All-India Verticals. This is a wonderful opportunity thrown at your side by which you can showcase your true leadership qualities in their true manifestations. The qualities in you which IDIA would truly appreciate are:

1. Being proactive and willing to take initiative.

2. Being bold enough to take decisions under pressure of time and/or other factors.

3. Possessing strong inter-personal skills and should be able to lead teams.

4. Being able to think out of the box and should be innovative.

5. Most importantly, being committed to the IDIA cause and should be able to spend a significant amount of time on IDIA consistently throughout the year.

Those of you brimming with energy ready to be utilized to support such a noble cause, grab this!

IDIA is also in need of Directors for the following All-India Verticals

1. Publicity and Media

2. Website

3. Sensitization (mainly preparation of sensitisation materials and brainstorming to evolve better sensitisation programs)

4. Mentorship (to co-ordinate mentorship of all IDIA scholars, both admitted to law schools and those that are training)

Procedure for Application

Those of you genuinely interested to support this one-of-its-kind IDIA, send in your expression of interest along with your CV to

Join IDIA Google Group

You are free to express in what way you can be helpful in furthering the cause of the Project. You are also welcome to give in your inputs as to how the Project can be further strengthened. Also mention your past work experience with IDIA (if any) and your experience with CLAT training (or any other thing which you feel the recruiters should know). If you wish to form a part of the online discussions and important updates on IDIA, drop in your mails to Shambo Nandy at

For more details on the vacancies at IDIA, visit the IDIA blog here.

Do also visit its website, for gaining interesting insights about the Project.

What an IDIA Sirjee!

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