Participate: IDIA Nagpur's First National Social Media Competition, 2022 (Register by 30 Apr)

IDIA is a student-run organization that aims to train underprivileged students and transform them into leading lawyers and community advocates.
Participate: IDIA Nagpur's First National Social Media Competition, 2022 (Register by 30 Apr)

Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education (IDIA) is a non-profit organization working in India that aims to empower underprivileged and marginalized children by giving them access to quality legal education.

IDIA sensitizes students from across the country to Law as a career option, selects underprivileged and marginalized students with an aptitude for law, trains them, and provides scholarships to the students on gaining admission to law schools. IDIA not only enables access to legal education but also fosters diversity at the leading law schools, thereby enriching the very process of legal education.

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About the Event

To take the Nagpur chapter of IDIA to even greater heights, we are pleased to announce and lay the foundation for the very First edition of our National Social Media Competition, 2022 on the theme “Dr. Ambedkar: Pioneer Of Yesterday, Visionary Of Today”. IDIA desires to honour the contributions of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar through the collective participation and creative disposal of thoughts and ideas on the life and legacy of Dr BR Ambedkar.

We wish to see participants bring forward their own interpretations of Ambedkar’s philosophies and how his ideas were visionary with respect to the modern world. Our aim is to connect with students from various schools and colleges, bringing to them well-deserved opportunities and exposure.

We aim to bring out the participants’ creativity through their originality, brevity, and authenticity. We welcome enrapturing entries that are refreshing, innovative, creative, morally and logically appealing but also simplistic.

There will be 3 separate categories of the competition:-

Reels/short videos

Digital art/poster making

Photo essays

Theme of the Competition

“Dr. Ambedkar: Pioneer of Yesterday, Visionary of Today”.

Sub-Themes of the competition:

1. Ambedkar: A Visionary for Human Rights

  1. Human rights and technology

  2. Attacks on journalists and the spread of misinformation through Ambedkar’s lens

  3. From Human trafficking to Human rights

  4. COVID-19 and Human Rights

  5. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

2. Ambedkar’s emphasis on Education for Empowerment

  1. Denial of access to education and related discriminatory practices

  2. Provisions of quality education and holistic development

  3. Poor governance and lack of responsibility toward education

3. Ambedkar’s Quest for Gender Equality

  1. Girl Child Education Gender rights at birth

  2. Women as decision-makers Gender-based crimes

  3. Gender equality at work and home Transgender Rights

Submission Guidelines

Poster Making/Digital Art

1. The artwork presented should be original, which is a major criterion for assessment.

2. No plagiarism will be accepted.

3. The artwork may be made with either digital or traditional techniques or any other medium.

4. Posters or digital arts can be colored or kept black and white as per the artist’s choice.

5. The artwork should not be defamatory, libelous, obscene, or otherwise illegal. The use of any profanity is strictly prohibited.

6. 3D objects, and print-outs will not be acceptable.

Reels/Short Videos

1. The reel should exhibit the acting skills and creativity of the content creator.

2. Plagiarized content will lead to disqualification although inspiration can be drawn from the existing trends online.

3. Entries should not have any kind of vulgarity or explicit scenes.

4. Editing and filters are not allowed after submitting.

5. Dialogues can be in English or Hindi.

6. Formatting Specifications for reels/short video:

7. Maximum time limit: 2.5 Minutes

8. Minimum time limit: 15 seconds

9. Participants shall face disqualification if the stipulated time is exceeded.

Photo Essays

1. The photo should be submitted in a JPEG/PNG format.

2. The corresponding description should not be more than 100 words.

Number of Submissions Allowed: Each person is allowed to submit one entry per category and for each entry registration fees need to be paid. Multiple submissions in a category will be disqualified as an entry to the competition.

Note:-Violation of any of the above rules may result in direct disqualification of the participation.


There shall be only one winner in every category. The winners for each category will receive cash prizes as follows:

Poster Making/Digital Art: ₹1500

Reels/Short Video: ₹1500

Photo Essay: ₹1500

All the participants shall be awarded a Certificate.

Eligibility and Rules of the Competition

1. The Competition is open to all. Any person including students, faculty, professionals of any school, college, or any other organisation, or any other person interested can participate in the competition.

2. The participants have to upload their respective entries as a Post on their respective Instagram handles, tagging the Organisers Instagram handle @fundraiser_nagpur2022 and IDIA India's main Instagram handle @idialegal.

3. The entries posted on the Instagram handle will only be considered for the competition if our handles are tagged in that post.

4. Additionally, the participants are required to submit their final entries of the work through the Google Form given below, for verification.

5. All the entries will be re-posted on our Instagram handle after the submission deadline, after fulfilling the above criteria, these will be considered for evaluation.

Registration Details

1. Students interested to participate in the Competition are required to fill out the given form to register for the competition.

2. The minimum contribution for registration is ₹150 per event per entry for a single person and ₹200 per event per entry in the case of Group Participation (Maximum 2).

3. The Payment has to be done on the following account:-

Holder name: Trisha Jain

Phone Pe Number:- 7000054451

UPI ID:- trishajain04@axl

4. In the registration form link, the participants are supposed to share the screenshot of their payment, after completing the payment in accordance with the payment details mentioned hereinafter.

5. After successful registration, the participants shall be emailed the confirmation of their registration and payment.


Registration and submission of entries open: 9 April 2022

Last date of registration and submission: 30 April 2022 till 11:59 pm

Announcement of results: 7 May 2022

Contact Information

For inquiries, please email us at or contact

Aniket Pandey (Team Leader) at +91 9149275863

Udwipt Verma (Deputy Team Leader, Fundraising) at +91 8178956575.

Link for the Brochure:

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