In conversation with Dr. Vijaylaxmi Sharma, Director of School of Law, Manipal University Jaipur

Dr. Sharma shares her thoughts on teaching and studying law
Prof. Dr. Vijaylaxmi Sharma
Prof. Dr. Vijaylaxmi Sharma

Dr. Vijaylaxmi Sharma is Professor and Head, Department of Law at School of Law, Manipal University Jaipur. In this interview conducted by Saarthak Mongia, she discusses how her law school has adopted to the Covid pandemic, why studying law is important, and more.

How has the School of Law at Manipal University adapted to the Covid pandemic?

The law school has adopted technology smoothly in a student conducive environment where not only are sessions saved and classes are held online but simultaneously the schedule has been kept such flexible that all students get requisite breaks/rest time during the day.

What do you enjoy most about teaching law?

Teaching itself is a synonym of passion where your ideas and knowledge is shared and common concerns a re-addressed.

Teaching in law is dynamic where you have to be prepared for something new and challenging everyday and that's what keeps me motivated and passionate all through.

Who was the one law teacher who has had the greatest influence on you?

Prof. T. Bhattacharyya sir is my inspiration in the field of law and teaching specifically.

There are multiple reasons for the same; his passion and constant attempts towards attainment of knowledge, working round the clock etc is something which has had a great impact on me.

He inspired me to imbibe these traits within my working style as well.

Why do you think one should study law?

The study of law is not just a professional course but a common man's attempt to realization of his rights and duties towards others and society at large.

It inculcates a feeling of self discipline and enlightenment which is why the study of law should be attempted by all in society.

(Saarthak Mongia is a Bar & Bench Campus Ambassador)

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