Know your Campus Ambassador: Ayushi Jain, HNLU

Ayushi is an LL.M. candidate at the Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur
Know your Campus Ambassador: Ayushi Jain, HNLU

Over the last two years, we have built a network of Campus Ambassadors across more than fifty law schools all over India. These law students have been providing us with information on campus events and activities, and also sharing legal articles.

This series of interviews is meant to turn the spotlight on these hardworking and dedicated individuals.

In this edition, we speak with Ayushi Jain, an LL.M. candidate at the Hidayatullah National Law University, Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

(Edited excerpts)

Why did you choose to study law?

I have an analytical mind and prefer an amount of certainty in life. Law provided me with an opportunity to work in an environment with a set of rules and regulations and at the same time it provided me a place where there was a lot of scope for me to apply my mind in analysing and interpreting myriad problems vis-à-vis the laws.

I believe every person, no matter what profession they're in, should familiarise themselves with the general laws at the very least.

What made you apply for the Campus Ambassador post at Bar & Bench?

My mentor encouraged me to apply for this position as he believed this would help me broaden my horizons no matter what I choose to pursue after my studies as a legal professional.

Being a part of Bar and Bench helps me be up-to-date about the legal news and events. At the same time, this program has made me more aware about my own college experience.

What are your plans after completing law?

I have worked for a year in the chambers of Adv. Yatendra Sharma in Delhi and had the pleasure of working in every court with the very best minds.

However, now that I am pursuing an LL.M., the world of academics has been calling onto me. I have not given up the idea of litigation all together but, at the moment, I am preparing for NET and wish to pursue a career in academics.

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