Know your Campus Ambassador: Sambhav Sharma, Amity Law School Delhi

Know your Campus Ambassador: Sambhav Sharma, Amity Law School Delhi

Over the last two years, we have built a network of Campus Ambassadors across more than fifty law schools all over India. These law students have been providing us with information on campus events and activities, and also sharing legal articles.

This series of interviews is meant to turn the spotlight on these hardworking and dedicated individuals.

In this edition, we speak with Sambhav Sharma, a fourth-year student at Amity Law School in Delhi.

Why did you choose to study law?

I studied in St. Columba’s School, which is a Christian missionary school. The institution taught me important values of empathy and concern, while also inculcating in me a sense of ambition.

I believe the exposure that my school offered had a huge role to play in my decision to study law. Ever since my high school days, I had been a part of various societies, such as the Senior English Debating Society and the Model UN Society, where we often addressed legal concerns.

I was always fascinated with how the subject of law encompasses all spheres and one who possesses legal knowledge is a huge asset to the society. My participation in activities that involved research and public speaking made me consider law as a viable career option, which is when I decided to prepare for the entrance examinations.

An initial attempt to grasp the legal knowledge made me realise that the legal profession is one that requires determination and perseverance, qualities that I continually strive to foster in me. The profession of law is one that requires constant learning, which is something I am fond of.

What made you apply for the Campus Ambassador post at Bar & Bench?

Bar & Bench, I believe, upholds the sanctity of the legal profession. I am a firm believer of our right of information dissemination, and Bar & Bench is a prime example of dispersal of legal knowledge. When I was still in school, I remember seeking advice from my seniors that had taken up law.

An advice I got from all of them was to constantly follow ‘Bar & Bench’ for regular updates on law, that will benefit me for my law entrances.

This was the first time I was introduced to the portal. As and when I progressed as a law student, I found myself persistently interacting with Bar & bench, be it for research work or general knowledge. Later in my third year, I decided to write an article that I would get published in the foremost legal portal in the country. I remember feeling proud the day my article got published in Bar & Bench.

I was so elated that I wrote another article just to get published again. During my attempts to get my writings published in Bar & Bench, I interacted with various campus ambassadors that guided me through the process, which is when I learnt about the program. The idea of being affiliated with Bar & Bench and representing my college was stimulating; which is why I decided to apply for the Campus Ambassador program.

What are your plans after completing law?

I was often asked, when I first joined law school, whether I have a particular field of law that I hope to join. My answer was always in the negative.

I believe that the profession is too vast to make a decision in the preliminary days. It is only after understanding the practice in various fora that one determines their path. After interning in various capacities, I believe my interests lie in practicing dispute resolution; litigation and commercial arbitration.

My participation in moot court competitions has helped me enhance my research skills, speaking ability and knowledge of the law. Thus, after completing law, I plan to work with legal experts and practitioners, in the hope to specialize in the field that interests me, and continue being introduced to nuanced legal concepts.

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