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Law in Schools vs Law Schools
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Law in Schools vs Law Schools

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It appears Mr. Sibal is keen on bringing the law to the masses. “Why not pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Law?” he asks. However, He is not convinced of the need to involve the Bar Council of India (BCI) in this endeavour.

A visibly upset BCI had reiterated its competence to formulate policies relating to legal education and opposed the Ministry’s pro-activeness relating to the issue. Which position was clarified when the Chairperson of the BCI skipped the meeting held by the Ministry of Human Resource Development last week.

Mr. Sibal is of the view that the BCI, despite being the statutory body regulating law education in India, is limited only to overseeing law colleges. Mr. Sibal is of the view that, “A BA in law is not an LLB. After such a degree, a student can study anything, for example, bio-science, medicine or anything else.”

We await BCI’s response.