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Law students suspended for two years after writing song lyrics, abuses in answer sheets

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The standard of legal education in law colleges continues to plunge to new lows. Ten students of a law college in a West Bengal university have been suspended for two years after it emerged that they wrote lyrics to love songs and abusive words in their exam papers.

The fourth semester students of Balurghat Law College, part of Gaur Banga University in Malda district, saw it fit to fill their answer scripts with lyrics to Hindi and Bengali songs; the lesser poetically inclined ones chose to write abusive words on their sheets.

The report also shows the shoddy state of academic affairs at the institution. Just 25 out of the 181 students cleared the second semester exams, while only one student out of 72 managed to pass the fourth semester exams.

It gets worse.

In protest of the results, the students proceeded to vandalise the campus and the chamber of their acting principal. Justifying the University’s decision to suspend the ten students, Vice-Chancellor Gopal Chandra Mishra was quoted as saying,

“It is clear from the answer sheets that the students didn’t have the foggiest idea of the answers. They wrote nonsense and even abusive language to kill time in the hall. They should have a clear idea what is legal and what is illegal. Vandalising an institution is also illegal.”

The article goes on to state that when the students were called to record their statement, only eight of the ten turned up.

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