Meet our Campus Ambassadors: Purvi Varma, SLS Hyderabad

Purvi is a a fourth-year student at Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad
Meet our Campus Ambassadors: Purvi Varma, SLS Hyderabad

Since late last year, we have built a network of Campus Ambassadors across more than fifty law schools all over India. These law students have been providing us with information on campus events and activities, and also sharing legal articles.

This series of interviews is meant to turn the spotlight on these hardworking and dedicated individuals.

In this edition, we speak with Purvi Varma, a fourth-year student at Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad.

(Edited excerpts)

Purvi Varma
Purvi Varma

Why did you choose to study law?

As a young audience of news, there were a lot of things that I didn’t completely understand when I read or heard about current affairs. I decided to study law in secondary school because I believed it was an all-encompassing course.

I believed that knowing the law would be empowering and I do see that turning into a reality in law school because I fail to get intimidated by the happenings around me and can form informed opinions.

Law is often portrayed as a dull discipline, but for me, law was a discipline that allowed me to learn about everything. I wish to contribute to the society and bring about positive changes with respect to education and women empowerment.

I still have to decide the route I will be picking to reach my destination, but studying law opens multiple highways for me.

Why did you choose to become a Bar & Bench Campus Ambassador?

Campus ambassador programs have become one of the most efficient means for organizations and associations to extend their student outreach.

I coveted an opportunity to be a part of a student-community outside of my college and Bar & Bench’s Campus Ambassador Program allowed that and more.

Bar & Bench is one of the most renowned sources of legal news, and publishes well researched and eloquent content. A chance to work in close proximity with those running this platform is a reason why I volunteered for the program.

In addition, Bar & Bench’s program allows me to represent my college before the student ambassador community and allows me to seize every opportunity for my college to be seen or heard

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduating, I wish to gain work experience in the media, entertainment, and technology sector. I have hopes that my work experience will enable me to make an informed choice about my master’s course. I also plan to teach in the late future.

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