Yogesh Kaushik
Yogesh Kaushik
Apprentice Lawyer

Meet our Campus Ambassadors: Yogesh Kaushik, NLU Jodhpur

Campus Ambassador Yogesh Kaushik is a fourth-year student at the National Law University, Jodhpur

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Since late last year, we have built a network of Campus Ambassadors across more than fifty law schools all over India. These law students have been providing us with information on campus events and activities, and also sharing legal articles.

This series of interviews is meant to turn the spotlight on these hardworking and dedicated individuals.

In this edition, we speak with Yogesh Kaushik, a fourth-year student at the National Law University, Jodhpur (NLUJ).

(Edited excerpts)

Why did you choose to study law?

Law was something which intrigued me right from my childhood. Growing in a neighbourhood of judges and lawyers, the field always fascinated me with the perfect balance of lucrativeness and social presence.

This thought prompted me to go for law and I haven’t regretted my decision ever since. As a growing child, one seeks to analyse various avenues and the one profession which kept me on my toes was the medical profession.

Why did you want to become a Bar & Bench Campus Ambassador?

As a newbie in the field of law as a first year student, it was very hard to keep up with developments in law considering the wide horizon law seeks to address.

Bar & Bench seemed to be an absolute and obvious solution to the above problem. While Bar & Bench was very helpful in being a one stop solution to all the problems, it started off with opinions of legal luminaries which was perhaps the only thing missing from being the perfect reporter.

One day I received an e-mail seeking members for the organisation as Campus Ambassadors. Without having a second thought, I applied for the same considering the amount of learning one could get from such an active organisation.

It is for these aforementioned reasons, that I applied as a Campus Ambassador for Bar and Bench.

What are your plans after graduation?

As a fourth-year law student, I’m still confused with the future prospects as law as a profession has a lot to offer. One definite option and perhaps the most intriguing option for me is being a practicing lawyer for the bar.

As I have learned in my internships that a litigating lawyer has tremendous variety of work and is a lucrative option, I seek to be a litigating lawyer. However, I would still prefer to keep my options open and look forward to other avenues that the profession seeks to offer.

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