NLSIU hosting Consilience 2011 conference on Law and Technology
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NLSIU hosting Consilience 2011 conference on Law and Technology

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The Law and Technology Committee (LTech) of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore is hosting ‘Consilience’, a conference in April 2011, where contemporary issues of critical relevance in the field of law and technology will be addressed.

The 2011 edition of Consilience will focus on the theme of privacy and how it affects individuals and organisations. Consilience 2011 thus seeks to explore the interface between privacy and technology, the effect technology has on our understanding of privacy, and how technology shapes the contours of privacy and is in return shaped by privacy.

Specific dimensions that the conference will engage with include privacy in the context of e-commerce transactions, social networking sites, upcoming gadgets, its equation with the State (with a special focus on the upcoming Unique Identity Number project).  Updates regarding the schedule of the conference will be posted on the ‘Consilience’ website.

Last year’s conference, the theme for which was “Internet Intermediary Liability in India”, has been hailed to have made a rich contribution to the evaluation of status quo and the future trajectory of intermediary liability in India by bringing in diverse perspectives from the academia, the industry and other important stakeholders.  Some of the keynote speakers at the Conference were Wendy Seltzer (Founder, Chilling Effects Clearhouse and Fellow, Berkman Centre for Internet and Society), Gavin Sutter (Lecturer, University of London) and Sunil Abraham (Executive Director, Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore).

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