NUSRL students find their voice, on indefinite protest

NUSRL students find their voice, on indefinite protest

A few days after their Vice-Chancellor revealed the sordid state of affairs, students of the National University of Study and Research in Law (NUSRL), Ranchi, have launched an indefinite protest.

Taking to the campus in droves, the students have called for an overhaul of the administration, publication of financial records and audit reports, and the release of funds by the state government to pay the Central Public Works Department its dues. They have also called upon the Chancellor of the NUSRL to constitute a Review Committee to take stock of the situation.

Here is a list of their demands:

Last week, Vice-Chancellor Dr. BC Nirmal revealed that the CPWD may take the University to arbitration for the recovery of Rs. 42 crore owed to them for construction on the campus.

It is Dr. Nirmal’s case that the state government has not come good on its promise of providing adequate funds to NUSRL. This is why, Dr. Nirmal says, the University currently charges the highest fees among the twenty-odd national law universities in the country.

In view of the protests, which have been taking place since yesterday, the authorities have advised the students against taking part in the same.

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